The Fab Five are back and this season they head to Philadelphia to help makeover 10 new heroes! Queer Eye Season 5  is full of heartwarming stories, but one hero whose story (and clothes) really stood out was Episode four hero, Tyreek. 

But who is Tyreek and where did fashion expert Tan France find the clothes fans on Twitter are gushing over?

Here you can find everything you need to know about Queer Eye Season 5 fan favourite Tyreek Wanamaker, (and his clothes of course!)

Who is Tyreek?

The fourth episode of Queer Eye Season 5: ‘The North Philadelphia Story’ features Tyreek Wanamaker from Fishtown,  Philadelphia.

The 27 year old activist is a founding member of ‘The Block Gives Back’, – a nonprofit organisation that aims to promote community involvement and engagement throughout Philadelphia. He also works at Mighty Writers, teaching kids literary skills in West Philadelphia.

Spending his life helping others, Tyreek is no stranger to struggle himself. Throughout his younger years, Tyreek’s struggles have led to him becoming homeless, previously sleeping in vehicles and abandoned apartments. He also lost contact with his childhood guardian Ruth, who he has an emotional reunion in the show.

He was nominated for a makeover by his boss and long term mentor Christina and his ‘Brother from another Mother’ Tommy. They described Tyreek as one of the most ‘loveable people they know.’  

Although at the time of filming he had had  his own apartment for over a year, he still said he didn’t feel like he was living up to his own expectations.

Tyreek’s friends wanted  him to feel proud of what he’d accomplished. That’s where the Fab Five stepped in.. 

How did the makeover go?

In true Fab Five style, the gang made drastic changes to Tyreek’s apartment, clothes, and lifestyle. Tyreek didn’t feel like the apartment was really his, which is where Queer Eye design expert Bobby Berk came to the rescue.

Bobby gave Tyreek’s apartment the major transformation it needed to feel like home, which gave him that family feel he’d always wanted. A home he was proud of where he could host his family and friends, including estranged childhood guardian, Ruth.

And then came the fashion transformation, which really stood out in this episode. Style was a big thing for Tyreek and that’s where fashion expert Tan France stepped in. But what exactly did he do?

The cast of Queer Eye Season 5 look over a collections display in the Whittall Pavilion, April 3, 2019.

The cast of Queer Eye looks over a collections display in the Whittall Pavilion, April 3, 2019. Photo by Shawn Miller/Library of Congress.

Before the makeover, Tyreek couldn’t afford to dress for his style, so opted for basic hand me downs. He also told Tan that he was told “boys can’t wear pink” when he was younger which is also stopped him from expressing himself. 

As part of his transformation, he wanted to “push the envelope of what people expect of him”, just like his style icons A$AP Rocky and Kanye West. 

In true Tan style, he delivered some timeless pieces to help Tyreek to express himself the way he’s always wanted to. These included playful bold printed shirts, stylish tapered suits, and fan favourite, a custom tie dye denim jacket. 

He left the transformation with what Tan calls a ‘capsule collection’. 10-15 timeless interchangeable pieces, making 30-40 different colourful outfits, helping Tyreek to stand out and express his bold personality. Stylish with little effort, no wonder fans and the rest of the Fab Five fell in love!

Where did Tan find the Makeover clothes?

So now for the question on everyone’s Twitter feed… where did Tan find these clothes?

Well we know he definitely did a good job on this one, as many Queer Eye Season 5 viewers took to twitter in hopes to find out where Tan found these stylish garments. 

As Tan described the style as ‘tricking the eye’ men with similar builds to Tyreek were also eager to shop the look.

But does anyone know where Tan got them from?

Unfortunately, we haven’t found the answers on social media.  In the episode Tan broadly states that he found the pieces ‘online’ but doesn’t give us anymore information. 

So Tyreek, if you want to set up a 21 buttons account for your new clothes, please go ahead! The demand is definitely there!

What is Tyreek up to now?

We know what happened during and shortly after the makeover, but how is Tyreek doing months after? Tyreek was thriving at the end of the episode, leaving many fans wondering what he’s up to now. 

Although his personal Instagram is currently on private we can see from ‘The Block Gives Back’ Instagram page that he’s still giving back to the community in Philadelphia and still sticking to the style advice from Tan!

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Always a good time with The Block right?

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And what have the Fab Five been up to since Season 5? Well, it’s not just makeovers they’re good at! They’ve recently teamed up with American pop sensation Lizzo in her new music ‘Soulmate’ to celebrate Pride Month. Check out their animated cameo here:

Have you binge watched the new season? If so, comment down below and tell us which episode was your favourite and what you thought of Tyreek’s makeover. 

If you haven’t already, you can catch Queer Eye Seasons 1-5 streaming now only on Netflix.