Queer Eye Season 5 introduced us to some incredible people throughout the show, but one in particular stood out – environmental activist Abby Leedy. So why did her parents nominate her for the Netflix show?

Despite the support they had for their daughter’s passion to fight climate change, they were concerned. Abby’s parents thought she wasn’t taking the time to look after herself or her personal life.

Luckily, Queer Eye’s Fab Five were on hand. In an inspiring and moving episode, they reached out to help Abby find time for herself whilst still fighting for the planet.

So, why did Abbey Leedy’s parents really call in the Fab Five? What has the 18-year-old been up to since her Queer Eye journey?

We look at Queer Eye season 5 and find out a bit more about Abby Leedy, her parents and her life since appearing on the hit Netflix show!

Who is Abby Leedy?

Abby Leedy is an 18-year-old climate change activist from Philadelphia, who features on Queer Eye season 5. She is the focus of episode 5 of the show, where the Fab Five work towards helping Abby realise that time for herself is equally as important as fighting for our planet.

Abby had recently graduated high-school when she appeared on the Netflix show, and was in the middle of her gap year. She was also working full time with Sunrise Movement. Sunrise Movement is a youth organisation that fights to stop climate change, and Abby was – and still is – very dedicated to the cause.

Why did Abby Leedy’s parents nominate her for Queer Eye?

Queer Eye introduces us to Abby Leedy in episode 5 as the “anxious activist”. She is a recent graduate from high school, and spends most of her time rallying support from her community to help fight climate change. She is a pretty amazing young woman!

So why did Abby’s parents bring in the Fab Five?

Well, during the episode, her mum Yvonne confides in the Queer Eye team. She expresses concern for her daughter, who forgets to take care of herself in her passion for fighting environmental issues. In fact, Abby is sometimes so wrapped up in climate concerns, she forgets to eat or practice self-care.

During the show, Abby admits to the Fab Five that the dedication she puts into the climate movement sometimes causes her to avoid socialising. She is anxious that her time could be better spent at work. In a very moving moment, Abby tells Tan France “it’s tough to be taken seriously as a young woman”. This sheds light on why Abby doesn’t feel like putting a lot of effort into her appearance.

Luckily, the Queer Eye team work with Abby to – as Bobby Berk said – “know her worth and save the earth”. Much to Abby’s parents’ delight, the Fab Five work with Abby to give her a new wardrobe and a gorgeous haircut. Interior design expert Bobby Berk even designs her a fully sustainable home. By the end, Abby promises her parents that she will work towards a healthier work-life balance. Mum Yvonne looks happy to hear it!

Thanks to the Queer Eye team, we don’t just see Abby’s looks and home transformed. We also see her work-life balance and attitude to self-care changed too.

Where is Abby Leedy now?

Since she was nominated for Queer Eye by her parents, Abby Leedy has taken another year out of school to work with the Sunrise Movement. She continues to fight for climate justice, and is an avid supporter of other social movements.

Abby’s story is inspirational as it shows how dedicated the young woman is to the future of our planet. It also highlights the importance of recognising stress and anxiety in our lives, and taking care of our mental health.

Abby revealed that after the series was filmed she took time out to go to therapy. She now takes time off every Saturday to socialise and take care of herself. She also makes time to spend with her Mum Yvonne.

Abby Leedy is on Instagram where you can follow her fight for climate justice!