Abby Leedy won over viewers with her passion for the environment and her endearing charm when she appeared on our screens in season five of the makeover phenomenon Queer Eye.

The episode saw the Fab Five transform her style and home – but more importantly made her see the importance of expressing yourself.

How Abby is Living for Environmental Change

At just 18 Abbey dedicates her life to fighting against climate issues as an environmental activist. She became a member of the Sunrise Movement – a unity of activists who stand up as one.

She is no stranger to making things happen when it comes to her protests, however she was in desperate help of focusing more on herself. Abby explains how she struggles to express herself through her appearance, as well as her fears of not being taken seriously if she looks a certain way.

In her own words she “doesn’t ever think about feeling pretty” – something which she would soon reconsider.

Abby Embarks on Her Own Journey

Abby soon started to see how she could transfer her skills as an activist. And she would soon start to see a change in her personal life. She started to learn that femininity is powerful, not a hindrance.

With the Fab Five’s expert approach and knowledge of sustainable fashion and cruelty free products, they picked out some alternate looks for Abby to try before she buys. One floral patterned dress caught her eye. This soon made her realise you can dress sustainably without sacrificing style.

Meanwhile, Abby’s home was also getting a makeover to encourage her to spend more time relaxing with friends and family. It also gave her the perfect space to hold Sunset Movement meetings with her fellow activists.
The combination of fresh whites and pastel colours – including a blue kitchen – really brought the place to life, much to the joy of her mum and dad.

Moving Forward – Where is She Now?


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Since filming Queer Eye life has changed dramatically for Abby just as it has done for us all. Being thrown into lockdown has changed the way is able to protest. The Black Lives Matter movement has now shot to the top of the Sunset Movement’s agenda.

Despite not being a massive social media whizz, she has been promoting the movement on Instagram. We have seen posts of her at various climate events, some of which she was tagged in by friends.

In the most recent post on her own blog Abby says: “At the time that I filmed with the Fab Five, I couldn’t have imagined the historic moment that we’re living through now. A pandemic, mass unemployment, and an uprising to defend Black lives and defund policing.

“We’re all equally dignified and deserving of love. But we’re not all treated that way. At this moment I’m stepping up and fighting to make change happen.”

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