The award-winning basketball documentary ‘Q Ball’ directed by NBA star Kevin Durrant is now available to stream in the UK! The Fox Sports Film, which first aired in the US in 2019, follows a group of inmates in San Quentin prison on their journey with the basketball team the ‘San Quentin Warriors’. We follow the lives of the players before, during (and for some) after their life in San Quentin. However, one member of the Warriors, Tevin ‘Cutty’ Fornette is only featured briefly in the documentary film and we’re not introduced to him as in-depth as we are with some of the other inmates. So who exactly is Tevin Fournette from Q Ball and where is he now?

Q Ball

Photo Credit: Netflix

Q Ball: Who is Tevin Fournette?

At the time of filming, Tevin Fournette was a member of the San Quentin Warriors basketball team, in San Quentin prison.  The programme was launched to help inmates release their energy into something positive and learn new skills. 

Little information is known about Tevin as he was not featured heavily in the documentary. However, in a scene where the coach, Rafael Cuevas was picking the team for the last big game, he said he is giving Tevin a jersey because he was in San Quentin for something he didn’t do. However, we did not learn about what this was. 

Where is San Quentin?

San Quentin prison is the oldest prison in California, opening in 1852. The correction and rehabilitation centre is the only death row prison in the state. It is also the largest death row prison in the country. However, as we saw on Q Ball, not all the inmates in the prison are sentenced to death row. 

Where is Tevin now?

Although we know little information about Tevin’s whereabouts, in a game article written for the San Quentin News in 2019, Tevin mentioned this game would be his last This my last season; I go home in January”. As the article was written in 2019, it would seem if all went to plan, Tevin should be out of San Quentin by now. 

Again, at the end of Q Ball we did not see what Tevin was up to now. However, we saw the main focus of the film, Harry Smith wanted to move to Atlanta to be with his daughter. But where is Harry now?

Where is Harry Smith From Q Ball Now?

It’s now been two years since Harry ‘ATL’ Smith was released from San Quentin. We saw at the end of Q Ball that unfortunately, he did not make the NBA G league which he tried out for after he was released. We were also made aware he was looking to move to Atlanta to be with his daughter.

And according to his Instagram page, he’s done just that! Harry has a range of pictures with himself and his daughter who he had not met whilst in jail.

Harry currently has over 17k followers on the platform. He keeps his followers updated on everyday life including his family life and his latest endeavors with basketball.

Q Ball is streaming now on Netflix.