Peter Crouch Save our Summer is currently airing on television – and people are talking about one thing, Maya Jama and her infamous dress!

Save our Summer is a variety show hosted by football star, Peter Crouch, and it has been providing us with some much needed Saturday night entertainment. The game show also sees the footballer joined by Maya Jama, Taskmaster’s Alex Horne and a host of British talent.

And even though the show has proven popular with audiences, it seems they have also become concerned with Maya Jama and her wardrobe choices! Maya Jama wore one dress in particular on Peter Crouch Save our Summer, that sparked a wave of controversy and drama!

Maya Jama herself even had to address the issue on Twitter!

But what did this dress look like? And why did it cause so many problems? Let’s take a look at Maya Jama’s time on Save our Summer and the dress that shook the world!

Who is Maya Jama?

Maya Jama is a twenty-five-year-old television presenter and radio DJ.

Born and raised in Bristol, England – Jama began her career when she was only a teenager! When she hosted the weekly music video countdown on JumpOff TV – Maya would then go on to work for Sky on TRACE Sports and work as a DJ on Rinse FM.

In 2017, Maya Jama made her first appearance on the panel show Loose Women. Before going on to co-host the game show Cannonball with names such as Freddie Flintoff and Frankie Bridge. Maya would then go on to host MTV’s True Love or True Lies, with Eastenders actor Danny Dyer!

Since then Maya Jama has appeared on shows such as The Circle, Stand Up To Cancer and A League Of Their Own. Maya is also an ambassador for several major brands and companies, such as Adidas and Savera UK. Jama has even released her own clothing brand, in partnership with Pretty Little Thing.

In May 2020, Jama confirmed that she had not renewed her contract with Radio 1 and therefore would not be returning to the station. Later the same year, it was revealed that she would be co-hosting Peter Crouch Save Our Summer.

Maya Jama posts regularly on her Instagram. But what dress did Maya Jama wear on Peter Crouch Save Our Summer?

What Dress Did Maya Jama On Peter Crouch Save Our Summer?

When appearing on the popular variety show, Maya Jama wore a purple dress with a simple floral design. This may not seem important and significant, but it was the cut of the outfit that had audiences divided!

The dress’s plunging neckline punctuated certain facets of Maya’s physique that some felt was inappropriate, even for a post-watershed show!

Many fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the dress! Some believed the outfit was too revealing and criticised Jama for her fashion sense and looseness. While others, mostly men, were happy to share their appreciation of the outfit — some stating it had made their weekend!

One Twitter user wrote:

While others praised Maya’s obvious beauty, calling her “an actual goddess”. However, some stated that the dress made them feel “uncomfortable” and that Maya had “everything out”.

But how did Maya Jama respond?

Maya Jama Defends Save Our Summer Outfits!

It appears that Maya Jama saw her name trending on Twitter and decided it was time to clap back at the people criticising her for dressing the way she wants!

On her account, Maya tweeted the following response:

The tweet was praised by many on the social media platform! With some seeing it as a moment of female empowerment and promotion of self-love!

It seems Maya Jama’s looks are causing just as much discussion as those worn by Stacey Solomon on Celebrity Gogglebox. And it seems that Maya Jama is still making headlines with her fashion choices!

Stacey Solomon, where is that outfit from!

Maya Jama on Peter Crouch Save Our Summer!

Recently Jama appeared on the popular show wearing a white long sleeve bandeau top and a pair of light denim jeans. This time the critical response of the audience was far more positive, with many taking to Twitter to voice their praise!

One Twitter user wrote:

While another user praised Maya’s jeans, stating that they looked “bloody good”. It seems celebrities will always have their fashion choices criticised by the public, but as long as they are happy and sound within themselves, it doesn’t matter what the masses say!

Peter Crouch Save Our Summer is currently still airing on Saturday nights on BBC One.

Have you been watching the new series? Has it helped with those lockdown blues? Let us know in the comments below what you think about Maya Jama and her fabulous looks!