Pandora Boxx

Fan favourite Pandora Boxx from season 2 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and All Stars 1 is back for another season of All Stars. But this time, fans have speculated that Pandora looks different, is this due to surgery or something else? Keep reading to find out.

Placing 5th in her Drag Race season and crowned Miss Conginatlity, sadly, she was one of the first queens sent home during All Stars. The queen now has her own Podcast called the Pandora Boxx Show, where she has a range of amazing guests. With such an interesting drag name, about the Greek mythology called Pandora’s Box. Now let’s hope that Pandora doesn’t get eliminated before we get to see her great talents. She will be competing against several queens from across the series’. However, the majority of them are from newer seasons. But fans can see their favourites such as Jan, Jiggly, Ginger and of course, Pandora Boxx.

Pandora Boxx

Pandora Boxx | Meet The Queens | Screengrab

The 49-year-old Drag superstar from New York is keen to start her engine once again, and this time she means business. When Pandora announced her return to drag race on her Instagram, her fans were excited. Boxx uploaded a picture of her from Meet The Queens in a gorgeous gown and looking fabulous as usual. With the caption

“Thank you to all the amazing people who helped put this Boxx together. I appreciate all of you. It so takes a village, people. ❤️” 

The comments on the post quickly were filled with positive energy, from being called fierce and lots of heart eyes.

With her active on social media and regularly posting pictures of their drag and lifestyle. Pandora Boxx is also an artist, and you can find her music on most streaming sites by searching her name.

So since her last visit to Drag Race HQ, what has changed about Pandora Boxx? Keep reading to find out more.

Pandora Boxx Surgery

Pandora Boxx Season 1 All Stars | Screengrab

Pandora Boxx surgery

According to sources, Pandora Boxx is now the oldest queen at filming to participate in All-Stars after surpassing Latrice Royale. Meaning fans were curious to know if she had any work done since her last show.

In her podcast titled ‘Tacos and Surgery’, with Ongina and Jessica Michelle Singleton, the group discussed a 22-year-old who had surgery to turn themselves into an alien. Pandora Boxx said they wouldn’t commit to such surgeries at such a young age, following on to the drag queens surgery. Boxx confirmed they’re all about botox and lip fillers. However, Pandora Boxx surgery is not known.

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Pandora Boxx On Drag Race

Pandora Boxx was on the 2010 series of the show (or 1912, according to Boxx herself), followed by her All Stars appearance in 2012. So now the queen will be in All Stars 6, almost a decade after her last appearance on the show. In her Meet the Queens interview, Pandora says she’s aware that some of the younger queens won’t have even seen her season due to the time ago that it was on. But as Pandora Boxx advises, she’s been doing drag for so long and still stays relevant, so she deserves a spot in the hall of fame.


We can’t wait to see what Pandora’s Boxx has in store for us on All Stars 6, as we expect good things.