If you’ve watched RuPaul’s Drag Race for any amount of time, you’ll know that the surnames of the queens tend to vary. Popular surnames in the franchise are Davenport, Mateo and O’Hara. With a number of queens sharing the O’Hara family name. Although not all of the queens are part of the same drag family or even a part of one at all. Although not every queen is part of a drag family, it is great for queens to get exposure and for newer queens to get mentored by a more ‘seasoned’ queen. With the house of O’Hara being a popular drag family, we decided to find out who are the O’Hara Drag Family?

Who is in the O’Hara Drag family?

There are several drag race queens with the surname O’Hara, with many queens having that surname. But the name doesn’t instantly mean they are part of the House of O’Hara and use the name. Which has left fans wondering who is actually part of the O’Hara family?

Who is in the O'Hara Drag Family?

Asia O’Hara | Screengrab

Asia O’Hara

The icon from Season 10 is one of the newer queens to come out of the franchise, although she has been doing drag since 2003! The queen is proud of her Texas routes, alongside her drag family.

Asia became a part of the O’Hara family when Josephine O’Hara took her into her drag family and became her drag mother. Asia’s grandmother is Sweet Savage, and her drag father is Bob Taylor. Who happens to be the same drag father to Trinty The Tuck. Asia is also the 3rd Drag Queen to get her own show, as she presents RuPaul’s Drag Race Live!

Most notably, Asia has two drag children, who are Phi Phi O’Hara and Kylee O’Hara Fatale.

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Phi Phi O’Hara

Phi Phi O’Hara started out in the drag scene as Phonenix Matthews, before he was brought into the O’Hara family, where he became Phonenix O’Hara, before settling with the nickname Phi Phi. Since he no longer wanting to be associated with the Drag Race show and advising that he no longer needs to hide behind the drag persona, Phi Phi now goes by his birth name Jaremi Carey. RuPaul’s Drag Race Fandom advise this may be after being blocked by RuPaul on Twitter.

It is unknown whether he is still a part of the O’Hara house due to his name change. But this may be due to distancing himself from the show, as opposed to his drag family. His drag sister is Kylee, and his drag mother in Asia.

Kylee O’Hara Fatale

Although not a contestant from the Drag Race franchise, Kylee was a part of Love For The Arts, a competition hosted by Trinty The Tuck from All Stars 4. There isn’t much information about the queen online. However, it is known that her drag mother is Asia O’Hara.

Although you’d assume queens such as Eureka O’Hara and Ra’Jah O’Hara are part of this family, it turns out they’re actually both part of different families. With Ra’Jah actually being part of the Davenport family.

Where did the O’Hara name come from?

Other than the O’Hara name coming from Asia’s drag mother Josephine, there isn’t much other information about where the name originated.