Niklas Ekstedt is known to most of us as Crazy Delicious Food God. He is the judge of the Willy Wonka style all-edible cooking show that landed on Netflix last month.

As judge of the weird and wonderful creations on Crazy Delicious, it would seem the chef certainly knows his way around the kitchen. With a back-to-basic cooking style, Niklas Ekstedt prefers to cook with fire, a preference that Crazy Delicious winner Adam Purnell also shared. Adam actually ended up impressing Niklas on the show with strange but apparently delicious, strawberry cheesecake buffalo wings!

To foodies all over the world, Niklas Ekstedt may be a well-known name, but for those of us who have only recently encountered the fire-loving chef on Crazy delicious, there is still a lot more to know.

Well, we found Crazy Delicious Niklas Ekstedt on Instagram, so let’s introduce you to him properly – and find out more about the new Netflix show judge.

Who is Crazy Delicious Niklas Ekstedt?

Niklas Ekstedt is a Swedish chef and restaurant manager. He has recently appeared on our screens as Food God on Netflix cooking show Crazy Delicious.

Opening his first restaurant at the age of twenty-one, Niklas always had a passion for food. His first restaurant was named ‘Niklas’ and started him on a venture that eventually lead him to opening ‘Ekstedt’.  Ekstedt is his current, and most famous Michelin star restaurant.

Stockholm restaurant Ekstedt, is a full concept restaurant. Niklas loves cooking on an open flame, which is his preferred way of cooking as a chef. At this restaurant, every meal is cooked over an open wood fire!

His preference for traditional and experimental style cooking makes Niklas Ekstedt a perfect choice for Crazy Delicious. The Netflix show is all about the unique side of cooking. Niklas certainly shows this distinctive side of his Michelin star skills when judging the contestants. In episode one of Crazy Delicious, Niklas reveals his preferred way of eating strawberries is thinly sliced and cooked with salt and vinegar!

So what do we know about Niklas when he isn’t creating incredible dishes? Let’s take a look at Crazy Delicious Niklas Ekstedt on Instagram.

Niklas on Instagram

Crazy Delicious judge Niklas is active on Instagram and has a huge seventy-nine thousand followers. He shares a lot of his delicious cooking creations on his feed, but what else does Niklas Ekstedt Instagram reveal?

Well, Niklas doesn’t only share aspects of his life on Instagram, he also has his own TV show in Sweden. The show focuses on Niklas as he travels to different places. Viewers get to see his cooking, and the journey he takes along the way. He shares these amazing pictures on his Instagram feed too.

Besides being a Michelin star chef, and tasting weird and wonderful creations on Crazy Delicous, Niklas Ekstedt has some other pretty cool hobbies. The  Netflix judge also likes to skateboard and snowboard in his free time too.

If you’re an Instagram foodie or just love looking at pictures of amazing and delicious food, you can follow the Netflix Crazy Delicious judge on Instagram.