A Kid From Coney Island is a 2019 feature documentary on Netflix which follows the rise, fall and revival of ex-NBA star, Stephon Marbury.

Stephon Marbury is a man who had a reputation to live up to. He undoubtedly succeeded and reached the peak of his career as a basketball star in America’s NBA league.

Living the ‘dream’ life – Marbury is portrayed to have everything around him apart from the most valuable thing – happiness.

Here’s a look into the mysterious life of Stephon Marbury as represented in Netflix’s A Kid From Coney Island.


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Who Is Ex-NBA Star Stephon Marbury?

Stephon Marbury is an American basketball coach and former professional player who is currently the head coach of the Beijing Royal Fighters in China.

Born on February 20, 1977, the 43-year-olds life story is mapped out on Netflix’s 2019 feature documentary ‘A Kid From Coney Island.‘ Following Marbury’s rise to success, struggles with success and re-birth, the documentary offers an insider to what life was truly like for the NBA star.

Stephon has three older brothers that all played basketball professionally and strived to get into the NBA league. With none of his older brothers making it to the NBA; Stephon carried a great amount of apprehension in the fact he felt he had to make it or it would let his family down.

A Kid From Coney Island: Family Relations.

Born into a large family with low-income in Brooklyn, New York, Stephon is the child of Don and Mabel Marbury. Mabel’s job was a daycare worker whilst Don hopped between a variety of jobs in manual labour. Stephon has three older brothers, Eric, Donnie and Norman. He also has twin sisters, Marcia and Stephanie, that are older than him.

With the twins being 12 years older, when their little brother was born it was Stephanie who got to name Stephon. She promised to the family to keep an eye out for him as he grew up to take some of the pressure off Mabel. It was noted how most people assumed she was his mum.

How Much Is Stephon Marbury’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, with a career over 20 years career playing for both the NBA and CBA, Marbury has accumulated a net worth of approximately $60 million.

An Insider To Stephon Marbury’s Childhood

The documentary follows life during Marbury’s childhood. It highlights his early passion for basketball while exploring his true talent in the sport. From a young age, Marbury was known as a hot talent in the basketball world. But with his three older brothers failing to reach NBA – a lot of people didn’t think he could make it.

Stephon’s desire to be a success meant that he made it to the NBA league. During his career, he played amongst some of the most legendary stars in the game.

Carrying a lot of family pressures, Stephon started basketball at the age of eight and carried on all the way up to college. His success was important to the family.

The Netflix documentary explains how Marbury’s time in college allowed him to push himself further and reach his full potential – it is definitely recommended watch, it is interesting and enticing and sheds detail on the life of Stephon Marbury.

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