Netflix’s new hit Cursed, premiered in July 2020 which features renowned Netflix star, Katherine Langford who plays the role of Nimue. The American fantasy drama made a rapid climb towards Netflix’s number one spot shortly after its release, proving its success.

The series is based on the original Cursed novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. Netflix’s recent adaptation provides a fresh reimagination on the legendary tale of the near-King Arthur. In the series, Nimue unites forces with the young and charming Arthur on a mission to save her people.

So, who is Nimue and why is she so important? Here we will present you with a bio on Cursed character Nimue played by Katherine Langford from age to Instagram to partners. Follow on below to find out everything you need to know on Cursed star Katherine Langford and her character Nimue!

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Netflix’s Cursed: Who is Nimue?

Nimue is the protagonist of Cursed, she is a Fey teenager with sometimes uncontrollable magic. Her unusual powers show her as an outcast in her village, leaving audiences to empathise with her.

Nimue is handed a sword by her mother, Priestess Lenore, alongside an important task. Before dying, Lenore asks Nimue to give this sword to a man named Merlin.

Determined to comply with her mother’s dying wish – Nimue sets off on a journey. The series follows the journey of Nimue delivering the Sword of Power to Merlin, a wizard later known as her father.

Nimue can control any plant life around her and these unnatural powers cause others to fear her and give her the label of a witch.

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Cursed Netflix: Does Nimue’s have a family?

Nimue’s mother is Priestess Lenore, played by Catherine Walker. Her character always supported her daughter when others bullied her and actually saved her life while giving her own. Her heroic and brave character makes her a much-loved fan favourite.

Nimue’s biological father is Merlin, acted by Gustaf Skarsgård. The character of Merlin plays a wizard and is known for advising Kings and Queens. He is considered a traitor to his kind because of these actions.

Nimue’s stepfather on the show is Jonah, played by Andrew Whipp. Jonah is a minor character whose presence is shown mainly through flashbacks of Nimue’s childhood. Jonah left Nimue in her childhood after finding out Lenore cheated on him with Merlin!

Does Nimue Have a Partner?

Nimue’s boyfriend is Arthur, their initial attraction to one another pushes the romance forward.

Arthur is the second protagonist of the show, making him a pretty important character!

Meet Nimue’s Actress Katherine Langford on Instagram!

Australian actress Katherine Langford is recognised mostly for playing the role of Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why. Langford received a nomination at the Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama.

With over 17 million followers on Instagram, the influencer and actress has an impressive following. Katherine has been given countless roles in successful shows and films, at 24-years-old she is doing great in the industry!

Looking through her Instagram, it seems that Katherine is enjoying the single life and has no plans to be tied down yet!

Cursed Katherine Langford: Net Worth to IG of the Actress

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Hopefully by now you have all the information needed on Netflix Cursed character Nimue, played by Katherine Langford. The show has had great ratings since its release, and it is definitely worth a watch!

You can watch Cursed on Netflix!