Unless you have been living under a duvet the past few months—not unlikely these days—you will have heard about the hit show ‘Single Wives’ based in Australia. This is the show that takes four divorced women and teaches them how to get out there and meet ‘Mr Right.’ But with so much heart bared for our viewing pleasure, you would think we would have had our fill. But no, we want it all. Especially as we have become so enthralled by one Sunnie Khakh of late. So! We have done all the digging so you don’t have to, coming up with all the juiciest information out there.

So, who is Sunnie Khakh? What does she do? Who is she dating? And how has she handled her new-found fame? We have all you need to know about the Sunnie-by-name-sunny-by-nature bombshell, right here.

But first, what is this show? And why is it so ground-breaking?

Sunnie Khakh

Single Wives Sunnie – Netflix

What Is Single Wives?

Termed by presenter and co-relationship guide Fifi Box as a “modern suburban fairy-tale” [‘Single Wives’, Episode 1], the Netflix show will have you laughing and cringing as much as crying.

Through the series, we see Four divorced single women thrown together in a house in Sydney. Here, away from family and friends, they learn the tricks of the dating world under the guidance of Mr Matthew Hussey, known in the world as the go-to relationship coach for powerful women, fans of his work include Eva Longoria and Tyra Banks.

Matthew Hussey, the definitive modern dating guru: Single Wives – Netflix

Hussey, the Daniel Radcliffe of the dating-guru world, boosted his name moving to America in 2010. Now, within this new vehicle, he is offering Australian women a chance to gain insight into his ‘world of men’. How they think, how they act, and how you can ensnare them.

Some may find his methods a little cocky, but his heart is in the right place. He genuinely seems to want women to break patterns of insecurity, break down protective barriers, and find a stable and enduring love. To do this, he drops the ladies into various dating situations, tasking them to move out of their comfort zone, taking chances in order to find ‘the one’.

Single Wives is ground-breaking for its refreshing approach to divorce. It combats the stigma that divorced women can face, understanding that there are a host of reasons marriages end. It also gives these women the confidence boost needed to get back out there.

Who Are the Ladies of ‘Single Wives’?

Joining Sunnie Khakh on this journey are three other women in their twenties, thirties and forties:

Emma Wynn, looking for love after ditching her Christian lifestyle – Netflix

Single Wives: Emma Wynn

A 27-year-old exuberant blonde, her first marriage ended when she realised she wasn’t in love with her partner. She cites the intense rules of her Christian upbringing in her decision to get married so young and she doesn’t want to settle ever again. She has commented on the sense of freedom she gained from leaving her first marriage but has since found it difficult to sustain a lasting relationship.

Meet Single Wives’ Radio Announcer Emma Wynne on Instagram!

Netflix: Sheridan Buchanan-Sorensen, looking for love & resisting her Cougar Credentials

Sheridan Buchanan-Sorensen – Single Wives

Married twice and looking for love after a massive heartbreak. Slightly older than the other three women, her goal is to get help learning how to find the right man, after being approached by so many of the wrong types. A self-professed ‘cougar’, she is outspoken in her approach and slightly over-judgmental when it comes to men.

Meet Single Wives’ Sheridan Buchanan-Sorensen on Instagram!

Nikki Mitropoulos, looking for love after the loss of her husband 9 years prior – Netflix

Netflix Single Wives: Nikki Mitropoulos

Perhaps the saddest tale, Nikki’s husband died four days before the birth of their son. As a widower in her early twenties, the show picks up nine years after her husband’s tragic death. Throughout the show, Nikki works hard to move past her loss and find joy and hope for the future.

The lovely thing is how these women gel within the first few days of their arrival at the beautiful Sydney apartment. They show solidarity and support throughout, even when love rivalry arises!

But the question on our lips right now is…

Who Is Sunnie Khakh?

Originally born in New Zealand, Sunnie moved to Melbourne with her family aged seven. Coming from a family of farmers, she is self-described as an ‘Indian Aussie Bogan’, speaking English, Hindi and Punjabi fluently. As a woman of Indian heritage, she had a traditional five-day wedding with her first husband. Married at 21, they separated within a year of the union. Sunnie noted her ex-husband’s overly traditional beliefs as the rift between them. Though she still has strong values surrounding love and marriage.

Sunnie Khakh

The beautiful Sunnie Khakh on her wedding day – Netflix

Now in her early thirties, Sunnie has many strings to her bow: Both in business and her creativity as a makeup artist. Her cheerful disposition and playful language is refreshing, though she is not one to be walked over or do anything she isn’t comfortable with. This is most notable with her interactions with the Italian stallion Michael, early on in the show.

Her work as a makeup artist has been going on behind the scenes for around ten years, honed in a small town where she lived before moving to Melbourne. Yet Sunnie has also held down a full-time job alongside. When filming the show, Sunnie was an EA (Executive Assistant) at a property group. In January 2019, she became a Business Owner at Bluestone OCM in Melbourne, Australia, but still finds time to bring her own brand of makeup styling to the world, and you can hire her to do your makeup! From weddings to events, it seems she would be happy to help. You can find her on Instagram through @sunniekhakhmakeup, or on her personal account @thesunnielife.

Sadly, she hasn’t brought us any YouTube tutorials to devour, but we live in hope.

Why Did Sunnie Khakh Take Part in ‘Single Wives’?

There are many reasons Sunnie Khakh chose to apply for this show. Not least because she was ready to find love and settle down, divulging how she wants to make her family proud, but she also spoke of the difficulty she faced getting divorced as an Indian woman. There is a stigma attached to divorce as it almost never happens within Indian culture. Sunnie’s desire is to break the stigma surrounding divorced women, within both cultures that she calls home. Speaking candidly on her Facebook page, she says:

“There are so many issues overlooked in our Indian community by our own families such as women’s equality, sexual abuse, negative stigma around divorced women or single women who are older than 25. I want to raise awareness and make a difference. I want to empower women and give them strength.” [Facebook @sunniekhakhtsw]

What a lovely message to bring to the modern woman.

Sunnie Khakh

Single Wives Sunnie – Netflix

Single Wives: Sunnie and Tommy

Sunnie and Tommy met on episode 4 at a bar in Sydney, Tommy was a little love rival between her and Emma, but Sunnie snuck in there and dated him for the rest of the show. He became besotted, noting her energy and ability to “light up a room” [‘Single Wives’ Episode 8]. Ultimately, however, Sunnie decided that the distance was too much and didn’t continue the relationship after filming ended.

Sunnie Khakh herself has noted how the show and her experiences under Matthew’s guidance has given her a new appreciation for her single life. Whilst still single and looking for ‘the one’, she is approaching dating in a more relaxed fashion and when she meets ‘Mr Right’, she will certainly seize the day!

Single Wives 2020: What Is Sunnie Khakh Up to Now?

Since the show aired in 2018, the ladies of ‘Single Wives’ have obviously garnered some interest and a whole host of followers on social media. Sunnie herself has used this to leverage the things she loves—namely her skills as a makeup artist. Though she is still working within the business sector, she clearly has a great passion and devotion to the creative spirit and her cheerful outlook are certainly very infectious. No doubt she would be an excellent makeup artist to work with.


Now that the show has been unleashed on Netflix, there are sure to be scores of new followers drawn to social media. Sunnie has become a bit of an influencer lately. She has been seen on Instagram touting a couple of well-chosen branded products and talking about her daily wellness routine. Most notably, the meditation technique with Solfeggio frequencies.


With such a winning smile and warm personality, who knows where the limelight will take her to next. Could it be into the realms of health and wellness? Perhaps even a dive into the world of blockbuster movie makeup? You will have to keep tuning in to see more of the Sunnie life!