The Australian reality dating show Single Wives was a hit with Australian audiences and is now airing in the UK via Netflix!

The show sends divorcees and widows out on dates to hopefully find love again and since our dating lives are pretty much on pause at the moment, living vicariously through others is one way to get the fix we’re missing this year!

Of course, we had to see what happened after filming, so we found one of the show’s stars Sheridan Buchanan-Sorensen on Instagram!

So, we found Sheridan’s Instagram but what did we find out? Is the Single Wives’ star dating again?

Who is Sheridan Buchanan-Sorensen?

Sheridan is one of the four stars of the reality series Single Wives.

Sheridan has had two marriages which unfortunately didn’t work out. Therefore, at the start of filming, she had not been on a date for 21 years! But with the help of dating expert Matthew Hussey, that was all about to change.

Sheridan has two children, Chloe and Isaac, who are both from her first marriage. However, on the show, it was her second marriage we heard about the most. Sheridan expressed how her previous marriage, which lasted 18 months, left her feeling like the “fattest ugliest woman in the world” after her ex-husband was emotionally unfaithful.

Sheridan was closed off to love, rejecting all the men proposed to her by the show experts in the ‘mini-dates’. However, she had a one to one chat with Matthew that she said changed her life. She realised she was pushing men away before giving them a chance, with a fear of getting hurt.

She then started to date Dan, who was one of her ex-husband’s friends. It wasn’t an easy ride, but at the end of the show, Sheridan and Dan said they were madly in love and were going to pursue a relationship. But what happened after? Are Sheridan and Dan still dating?

Is Sheridan Dating?

With some digging, we found Sheridan Buchanan-Sorensen on Instagram and the answer to this question.

Sheridan is very open about all aspects of her life on her Instagram, including her dating life. So is Dan or a new man on her Instagram feed?

From what we can see on Sheridan’s Instagram, unfortunately, she and Dan didn’t work out. She’s currently single, but she’s definitely living her best single life with her friends, recently celebrating her 44th Birthday. 

But why did Sheridan and Dan break up? Through some intensive Instagram stalking, we found out that Dan apparently cheated on Sheridan. 

On an Instagram post of Sheridan’s one of her followers, and fans of the show commented: “Loved Loved the show, hope you and Dan are still together.” Unfortunately, she responded to the comment saying “Unfortunately I kept up my bad habit of choosing men who cheat, but I’m still hopeful my person is out there ❤️”.

Sheridan definitely isn’t down in the dumps and in true Sheridan style, she’s even posting humorous single memes on her Instagram page. (We can definitely relate!)

What else is on Sheridan’s Instagram?

For any Single Wives’ Fans, Sheridan’s Instagram handle is @sugarfreemum. But aside from her dating life, what else does Sheridan post on the platform?

Sheridan is an avid Instagram user and viewers can definitely keep up with her life through the social media platform. She posts a range of content including lifestyle content, the behind the scenes of her life and she also posts a few motivational quotes too.

And of course, as her Instagram handle says, she posts a range of healthy food alternatives, so if you need any inspiration or motivation to eat healthier, Sheridan’s page is where it’s at!

And we’re sure when Sheridan starts dating again, her Instagram followers will be the first to find out. 

Who’s your favourite ‘Single Wife’ from the series? Let us know in the comments below! 

Single Wives season 1 is streaming on Netflix now.