Love Island season 7 is in full swing and airing a new episode every night (except Saturday) until the end of August. However, what if Love Island UK isn’t enough to fulfil your summer viewing habits? Luckily for you, Love Island actually has several spinoffs, including Love Island USA and Australia too! With the pandemic proving a significant delay on Love Island and not airing a summer season last year, fans are only too glad to have additional Love Island to watch.

With Love Island USA and UK airing within weeks of each other, you’re going to be filled to the brim with ‘I’ve got a text!’ excitement for the next few months. So, where can you watch Love Island from around the globe, and how many seasons are there to watch?

Love Island USA

The latest in the Love Island USA | Screengrab

Where can I watch Love Island USA in the UK?

Although it can be challenging to find certain USA programmes in the UK, especially without paying to do so, luckily for UK viewers, Love Island USA is readily available on the ITV hub, ready to go. Currently, the USA production of the show is also being filmed, but not aired in the UK. But you can watch the two previous seasons with ease (and back to back if you fancy it!) It has not been confirmed when the latest USA season will be available on ITV to watch, but it’s likely to be after the UK one has finished airing.

Where can I watch Love Island Australia in the UK

Alongside Love Island USA that you can watch in the UK, you can also watch the Australian version. With two series ready to watch on-demand. The third season of the Australian Love Island has been confirmed to be filmed during the summertime in the southern hemisphere. Therefore this is likely to be towards the back end of this year. However, we are excited.

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USA Love Island

Things hot up in the UK villa | Screengrab??

How many USA seasons has there been?

There have been 3 USA seasons of the ITV show, and it is currently airing its third season, alongside the Summer 2021 series in the UK.

Can I watch Love Island UK in the USA?

Thanks to Hulu, fans in the USA can currently watch daily episodes of the UK edition of Love Island, just a few weeks behind. The series started to air on the 12th of July, so American viewers of the show can watch at the same time as the UK. Hulu prices start at $5.99.

Where can I find Love Island UK in Australia?

Similarly to the USA, Australia is getting daily episodes dropped of Love Island UK. If you’re in Australia and looking to start watching the series, you can do so for free on Channel 9’s on-demand service.

In New Zealand, you can currently access previous UK seasons; however, the latest one is not yet been aired.

Sadly Canada is not able to get the latest series of Love Island UK. However, you can watch the USA version with ease.