Based on their star signs, we’d expect more love connections during this season’s Love Island. However, with the links finally starting to form between the islanders, are the stars aligning? With Cancer ending on the 22nd of July. It will then be time for the Leos to shine.

The Leo sign runs from the 23rd of July to the 22nd of August. So what are the star signs of the current residents of the villa, and who are the Love Island Leos?

Love Island Leos Hugo Hammond
Screengrab | Love Island YouTube

Introducing the Love Island Leos

When analysing the star signs of the islanders, it appears that Hugo Hammonds and Liam Reardon are the only two Leos in the villa. According to, they say that Leos love to be centre stage and are ambitious. Leos are also said to enjoy having fun. The Leo symbolism being a lion which also provides the meaning of victory, pride and courage. Although Hugo fits the bill for most of the traits, he appears to be on the quieter side. With Liam offering less of the characteristics which match Leo.

With the start of Leo season quickly approaching, this also means we can potentially expect some Love Island Leos birthdays in the near future.

Based on their star sign, Leo and Sagittarius are a great pairing, according to YourTango.

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What other star signs are in the villa

Providing there are lots of personality types in the villa. It’s interesting to find out more about the cast members and what their star signs are. This is a great way to determine who is a match and what the future could hold for the participants.

  • Liberty is a Virgo
  • Brad and Faye are Geminis
  • Aaron and Chloe are Libras
  • Sharon and Millie are Sagittarius
  • Jake is an Aries
  • Kaz and Lucinda are Scorpio
  • Toby is Pisces
Sparks fly between Millie and Liam | Screengrab

Star Signs most compatible in Love Island 2021

With some compatible star signs in the villa this year, we are hopeful we will finally see some love connections in the villa.

Leo & Sagittarius make a great pair which stands true for villa sweethearts Millie and Liam. Although there are potential feelings between Hugo and Sharon, this is not yet confirmed.

Libra & Gemini are supposed to make great couples. However, this year Brad, Chloe, Aaron and Faye aren’t working out together. Despite being matched at the start, Brad and Faye quickly fought and realised they weren’t right together. This may be due to their similar personality traits.

Pisces & Scorpio at the start of the series, we saw Aries Toby and Scorpio Kaz together, they lasted two matchups, but then they seemed to drift apart.

Aries & Sagittarius is also a confirmed pairing that would provide Jake with the chance to get to know Millie or Sharon. However, Jake seems pretty content with Liberty right now.

Virgo? The same applies to liberty, With her sweet personality, but no star signs which match. However, fans love Jake and Liberty, so hopefully, a love match is already on the horizon.