We have met Lisa Vanderump’s son Max on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules in the past. He comes from one of the most famous families in America. His mum Lisa Vanderpump is a huge celebrity in America, and a successful business woman worldwide.

So if the Vanderpump’s are one of the most famous families in America, why do we know so little about Max?

Lisa Vanderpump has spoken in interviews about her son Max, and details of his adoption have been mentioned in the media.

Now fans of the family are curious about the private son of Lisa Vanderpump. What do we actually know about him?

We’re going to look at Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max, and where he is in 2020.

Who is Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max?

Lisa Vanderpump’s son is Max Todd. He takes his surname from his adoptive father Ken Todd who is Lisa Vanderpumps husband. Ken has featured on both his wife’s reality TV shows and is also popular with the fans.

Max appears to be like his adoptive father Ken, who is also a very private man. It might be this trait that keeps fans questioning ever more about the details of Lisa Vanderpump’s son.


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What do we know about Max?

Well, we know that Max Todd was born 7 December 1991. He was adopted by Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd after being fostered for 6 months by another family.

Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max was allegedly a bit of a troublemaker growing up, and interviews with the Vanderpump family reveal he might have had a difficult childhood. Lisa Vanderpump sent her son to boarding school in Idaho to complete his education.  After graduation he returned to California to pursue his love of music.

It is unknown whether Max Todd’s adoption contributed to his troublesome teenage years. The details of his adoption have remained relatively private. Lisa Vanderpump did famously open up about the adoption of her son in an interview where she discussed Max getting in touch with his biological family. She also previously revealed concerns about Max’s biological family reaching out now that he is part of such a famous family. There have never been any details released Max’s biological family in the media.

Max isn’t Lisa Vanderpump’s only child, and fans of the reality TV star will know that she also has a daughter, Pandora Vanderpump. Pandora featured alongside Max on several episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and appears in the media much more than her brother. She also works alongside her famous mother on several Vanderpump projects.

Lisa Vanderpump and husband

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Is Max also a reality TV star?

Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max has also appeared on several episodes of Vanderpump Rules. This popular TV show is a spin off following the employees at Lisa Vanderpump’s famous restaurant SUR in West Hollywood and the dramas of running the high-profile venue.

Max actually featured in one particularly dramatic episode last year. The episode featured a big reveal for both viewers and the reality TV star restaurant owner, Lisa Vanderpump. It also revealed some details of Lisa Vanderpump’s sons personal life.

So, what happened?

Well, fans of the show will know that Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max, has previously worked at SUR, where he met and hit it off with, SUR hostess Billy Lee.

In an episode of the popular Vanderpump Rules last year, we found out that Max and Billy Lee had hooked up. The show featured Lisa Vanderpump’s reaction when she found out her son had enjoyed a drunken fling with one of her top hostesses.

According to the media, Max Todd and Billie Lee went their separate ways and put it down to a “one off”, but the two have since remained friends.

Unfortunately for fans, Max’s love-life has been kept private since.

Where is Max in 2020?

In April 2020, fans of Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max, were concerned when a family photo featuring the reality TV star, Lisa, her husband Ken Todd, and daughter Pandora, was shared on Instagram to promote the launch of a new range of Vanderpump wines.

Many fans commented asking where Max was, and why he was missing from the family photo. The Instagram post made the headlines of many celebrity gossip columns. Fans of the reality TV star questioned where Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max could be.

Lisa eventually responded to the comments. She told her followers that her son Max was back in Idaho. He was working with children with special needs amidst the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic. She commented that he was “staying safe”.

Max Todd seems to have kept his connection with Idaho after completing his education there. After he finished school, we saw him touring the Musicians Institute of Contemporary Music in Hollywood during an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It doesn’t appear he has pursued a career in the music industry since.

Whilst Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max may be very private about his personal life, he isn’t completely off grid. Max does actually have a personal Instagram account where you can follow what he gets up to day-to day.

According to his feed, he has spent the last couple of years travelling. His posts how him enjoying time hanging out with his friends in Idaho.

If you are interested in seeing Max on social media, try following one of the many Vanderpump Instagram feeds. He might appear there in 2020!

Will Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max be on Vanderpump Rules again?

There has been no news about whether Max Todd will be appearing on Vanderpump Rules again in 2020. With his history of working in SUR, it is likely he may make a guest appearance again at some point.

You can find Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max Todd on Instagram where he currently has 23,000 followers.