The much loved reality makeover show Queer Eye is back on Netflix for its fifth series. This season has stolen the hearts of many viewers, old and new. However, like any show, as the popularity grows so does the speculation. The makeover process leaves many unanswered questions and fans have been left wondering if the life changing transformations the Fab Five provide are too good to be true. Is Queer Eye scripted?

What really goes on behind the scenes? How long do the makeovers take, and is Queer Eye scripted after all? Below we reveal the secrets and answer all the questions you’ve been wanting to know about the Netflix Original show. 

How long do Queer Eye makeovers take?

Each episode is edited down to last around 45 minutes, however we know the process takes much longer than this. But exactly how long do the makeovers take?

The original cast of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, (2003-2007), only spent one day with each hero. However the new Fab Five now spend a week with each hero, alternating the days between themselves. This means that one day can be spent with Tan and Antoni whilst another can be spent with Karamo and Jonathan, for example. 

However, as the Fab Five all have very different roles, the time it takes for each expert to get the job done differs. Interior expert Bobby Berk seems to have got the short straw, as house transformations obviously can not be done as quickly as a fashion or hair makeover. 

This workload and timescale difference was confirmed by Bobby in an interview with Architectural Digest in 2018. Bobby explained that he often had to pre-design every home and worked seven days a week, unlike the other members. 

“All of my friends in design have been texting me saying, “Oh my God. You have the hardest job.” I’m like, “Don’t you know it.” While my Fab brothers often had three to four days off a week, some weeks, depending on what we were building, I worked seven days a week.” Bobby said. 

The difference doesn’t go unnoticed by fans either:

 Who pays for the Queer Eye makeovers?

We can see these makeovers don’t come cheap, but who really pays for them? Many fans have taken to reddit to try and find out.

Although there is no definitive answer, fans have noticed the show has product placement from brands such as Mountain Dew, IKEA and Lacoste. Some of the stores the Fab Five visit foe the transformations are also shown clearly on screen throughout the episodes. Therefore, it is thought many of the materials from these stores and companies are provided for free. In return, these stores and companies get brand advertisement on the show. 

Although we did see interior expert Bobby Berk give hero Tyreek wallpaper from his own design collection in the latest season, so at least they saved some money there. 

Do the heroes keep the furniture and clothes?

With questions about the big bucks being spent, many fans also wondered if the heroes kept the clothes and furniture they received. Of course, the Fab Five can’t get the new hairdos and wisdom they provided back, but are the clothes and furniture taken back after filming?

Thankfully, the transformations are not just for show. The heroes definitely do keep everything given to them by the Fab Five. This can be seen on many of the heroes Instagram posts, long after their episodes have been filmed. 

However, not all the heroes do actually  keep what they receive. Bobby told Architectural Digest he text AJ from season 1 to see how he was getting on, only to be told AJ had put the condo on sale just weeks after the transformation. Ouch! 

Have the Fab Five commented on the speculation?

Now the answer to the question you’ve been waiting for. Is Queer Eye scripted?

The cast haven’t turned a blind eye to the speculation on social media. In fact, Tan and Bobby recently addressed the rumours in an interview with People when asked about the biggest misconceptions people had about them.

They profusely denied the rumour, and Bobby went on to explain that their whole goal is to make their heroes forget that they’re on a show and that they have a valid true experience with the Fab Five. 

He then joked that sometimes they wish it was scripted as it would be ‘so much easier.’

Well, scripted or not, it definitely makes for great TV!

Have you got any more Queer Eye secrets to reveal? Or maybe you have more questions yet to be answered. Leave them in the comments down below!

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