Is Netflix show Love is Blind scripted? It’s a question we’ve all wondered as we watch the couples date – and get engaged! – in such a short space of time.  Well, if you’ve ever questioned if the show is fake – read on to find out the truth!

Love is Blind might just be one of Netflix’s most popular dating shows and let’s face it, there’s a lot of competition this year. Especially from popular show, Dating Around – when is season 2 landing again? – and its hit spin-off Dating Around Brazil! Yes, the dating show stakes are high this year.

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But even if you’re as obsessed with Love is Blind as much as we are, you can’t help question whether it’s legit. So, is it?

Well, we’re going to spill the truth about whether Netflix Love is Blind is scripted – or not!

Love is Blind Netflix

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What Is Netflix Dating Show Love Is Blind?

Love is Blind landed on Netflix at the beginning of 2020 and fans of the show still can’t get enough.

The show follows 30 single men and women, who go through 10 days of speed dating. As you can probably guess from the show’s title, these dates are obviously blind dates. What’s unique about Love is Blind, is that at the end of those 10 days – there are marriage proposals!

The season then follows the couples as they get engaged, take a trip together and eventually, return to real life and plan a wedding! Of course, the final section of the show – the wedding – is where we see whether the couples are willing to go through with the big day.

So, what is it about Love is Blind that makes fans think it is scripted?

Well, naturally the concept of the show is pretty out there. Perhaps not as out there as 90 Day Fiancé, which features couple Ariela and Biniyam’s emotional journey, but out there all the same.

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Of course, whilst some fans think an engagement after 10 days is far-fetched, others have said that the emotions displayed on the show (we’re obviously talking about Gianna and Damien here), are too intense to be fake.

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Is Love Is Blind Scripted? Find Out if The Netflix Dating Show Is for Real!

Well, despite the wild concept and intense scenes on the show, Love is Blind isn’t actually scripted!

In fact, creator of the Netflix series, Chris Coelen actually revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, that some of the contestants on the show were so nervous – he was concerned it might end up being too real for Netflix! Chris went on to say that the producers of Love is Blind initially planned for only two proposals, thinking that the premise of the show might not actually take off.

If you’ve watched the Netflix dating show, you’ll know that there were six proposals on the show. However, there were in fact more!

Yes, the producers were so nervous that no couples would get engaged, they only planned for two engagements. So, when eight couples got engaged – they had to keep two of them off-screen! Yet more proof that the show certainly isn’t scripted! The couples we didn’t see engaged on screen were Rory and Danielle and Westley and Lexie. Unfortunately, neither couple went through with the wedding.

So, when it comes to reality TV shows, Love is Blind is as real as they come. Is it 100% authentic? Well, maybe not. As with any reality TV show, there is scene selection during the editing process that alters how we view events on the show. Not to mention contestants acting up to the camera! But isn’t that all part of the fun?

Love Is Blind Season 2: Will It Happen?

So, we know Love is Blind isn’t scripted, but will it return for season 2?

Well, Love is Blind fans will be happy to know that it will be returning for season 2 – and season 3! The producers gave the go-ahead for another two seasons of our favourite Netflix dating show earlier this year.

As of yet, there has been no release date, but according to their Netflix banner, it will be returning in 2021! In the meantime, you can follow the official Love is Blind Instagram account for regular updates on the show and potential contestants!

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