Is Kourtney Kardashian still with Younes Bendjima?

It’s the question Kardashian fans are asking at the moment after the Kardashian sister was spotted with her ex, Younes Bendjima and the father of her children, Scott Disick.

Kourtney and Younes have had a famously rocky relationship and have split – and got back together – multiple times. When the couple reportedly broke up for good back in 2018, fans weren’t sure whether it was the real deal.

But with the return of KUWTK season 18 on the way, we want to know, is Kourtney still with Younes? And what’s the deal with her and Scott?

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 Well, read on for all the latest on Kourtney K and Younes!

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What Happened With Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima?

Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima met in a bar in Paris back in 2016.

The pair began dating and were famous for their on-again/off-again relationship that was frequently (read: always) featured in gossip columns!

But what exactly went wrong with the pair? Well, when Kourtney K and Younes split back in 2018, as you would expect it was quite a public break-up! Much like Kylie and Fai who are raising questions on Instagram – Kourtney and Younes revealed a lot on the social media app too!

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It was alleged that after the couple returned from a vacation in Italy, Younes jetted off solo on a holiday of his own. Whilst there, it was revealed that he had apparently cheated on Kourtney K! Which was, of course, the final straw.

Of course, this led to the couple sniping at each other in the Insta comments! This includes a (now deleted) comment from Younes on a bikini pic of Kourtney which allegedly said “Is this what you need to do to get likes?” – nasty!

After the breakup, sister Kim Kardashian and Mum Kris Jenner, said they were pleased that Kourtney had finally ditched the 25-year-old model. In fact, they said the couple had never been ‘quite right’ for each other.

But are they still seeing each other now? Or is Kourtney back with ex Scott Disick?

Well, before we find out more about Kourtney and Younes – let’s take a closer look at Kourtney and Scott’s relationship!

Kourtney and Scott Disick: What Do We Know About the Couple?

Kourtney Kardashian met Scott Disick at a house party back in 2006 and began dating officially later that year.

Their first child, Mason Disick was born in 2009 and went onto to have Penelope in 2012 and Reign in 2014. In fact, you can catch early-days Kourtney K and Scott in season 1 and 2 of the reality TV show now on Netflix!

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Scott and Kourtney are continually on again – off again throughout KUWTK and there were concerns in the Kardashian household that the couple were unhappy.

But why did the couple split?

Well, right before the breakup, Scott was pictured on a boat with his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli. Did anything happen? Well, who knows – but it led to the couple of 9 years breaking up!

So, are Scott and Kourtney back together?

Well, during the ongoing pandemic there are reports that Kourtney and Scott have been spending a lot more time together. Of course, the pair have children – but is it the only reason bringing them together?

Well, let’s see if Instagram reveals anything!

Kourtney Kardashian on Instagram: What Does It Reveal About the Kardashian’s Love-Life?

Well, based on Instagram, it doesn’t look like Kourtney is still with Younes. There has been no activity between the two and no updates on Kourtney’s Instagram profile to indicate they are dating.

But what about Scott? Yes, there is some news there! Recently, Kourtney is showing her ex quite a lot of attention on the social media platform!

So, what do we know?

Well, earlier this month, Scott shared a picture on his Instagram of him taking his boat out for a spin (yes, jealous). Of the 200,000 ‘likes’ this received – one was from Kourtney K herself! Not only that, but Kourtney posted a snapshot of herself laughing with Addison Rae. The caption to this post read ‘My husband’s girlfriend and I exchanging stories’.

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My husband’s girlfriend and I exchanging stories.

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So, what does this mean? Well, naturally fans are questioning if Kourtney K and Scott are back together – and what does it mean for the couple?

Well, with KUWTK season 18 returning in a couple of weeks – all will be revealed. But these rumors will likely be addressed between the Kardashian – Jenner household!

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