Kris Jenner is without a doubt an incredibly successful businesswoman. But as the brains behind KUWTK and manager of her daughters and most famous sisters of the world, we can’t help but wonder – what is Kris Jenner’s net worth in 2020?

Kris is the matriarch and brains behind one of the most royal celeb families on the planet. She’s a manager, a mother, a girlfriend, a sister and a grandmother – it’s hard not respect to the woman’s drive!

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But among those things, Kris is also a self-made millionaire, which if you watch KUWTK, is easy to recognise in her lavish lifestyle!

So, how much exactly is Kris Jenner net worth in 2020?

Well, we’re going to take a look at celeb mum before her KUWTK fame and tell you how much Kris Jenner is worth in 2020!

Kris Jenner: Life Before Keeping Up With the Kardashians

It’s hard to imagine Kris Jenner before she became the mother of the most famous family of our time, so we’re going to take a trip down Kris Jenner’s memory lane!

Kris was born in San Diego, along with her younger sister Karen. Her father was an aircraft engineer and Mother, the famous MJ! – who owned a retail store which is still open today!

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Kris’s parents divorced when she was seven-years-old and Kris, Karen and her mother moved to Clairemont, California where the girls went to school.

So, how did Kris get from Clairemont schoolgirl to reality TV star?

After Kris finished school, she went on to work in the clothing store ‘Body’ – similar to the boutique ‘Dash’ that the Kardashian sisters own in early KUWTK. Not only that, but Kris Jenner also worked for American Airlines as a flight attendant!

And after that? Well, in 1978 Kris married her first husband Robert Kardashian, a high-flying attorney who went on to represent O.J Simpson in his murder trial.

Before their divorce in 1991, the couple had four children, Robert, Kim, Kourtney and of course, Khloe! Who’d have thought they’d end up being the most famous siblings on the planet!

Not long after, Kris went on to marry Bruce Jenner, former Olympic gold medallist – and the father of Kendall and Kylie!

So, we know how Kris became the mother of her incredibly successful and famous children. But what about her own career – and net worth?

Well, read on to find out more about Kris Jenner’s career success and wealth!

Kris Jenner: Journey From Mother to Manager

When Kris married former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner in 1991, she didn’t just become his wife.

No, the exceptionally driven Kris Jenner managed Bruce by helping to promote his career as a racing driver and also his brand endorsements.

During that time, Kris also started to promote their family franchise. In fact, in 2007, Kris met with American TV producer Ryan Seacrest and pitched the idea of Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

As we know, the TV show became insanely popular when it aired on E! and is only getting more popular today!

Of course, this was the start of Kris Jenner’s fame, promoting her daughter’s careers and also the family franchise we know today!

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Kris Jenner now owns her own production company in L.A called ‘Jenner Communications’. She also released an autobiography entitled ‘Kris Jenner…and all things Kardashian’ in 2011 and a cookbook in 2014 entitled ‘In the kitchen with Kris: a Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites’.

But that’s not all.

Kris also helps manage her children’s business ventures, including Kylie Cosmetics, KKW Beauty and the Kendall + Kylie Collection! She is certainly a busy woman!

So, Kris is obviously an incredibly successful businesswoman. But what is Kris Jenner’s net worth in 2020?

Read on to find out!

Kris Jenner: Net Worth in 2020

Well, based on Kris Jenner’s lifestyle, business ventures and the fact she is one of the main celebrities of the longest-running reality TV shows in America – we expect her net worth is going to be pretty high.

In actual fact, Kris Jenner’s net worth in 2020 is reported to be $100 million – which is over £75 million!

Yes, the Kardashian-Jenner mother’s success certainly shows in her wealth!

Of course, it’s hardly surprising seeing as her youngest daughter is reportedly a billionaire! In fact, it is reported that Kris charges her children 10% on each deal she signs for them – not bad when each deal is worth millions of dollars!

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