Jake Cornish is the funny man of this season, providing plenty of laughs for the viewers and, of course, his fellow cast members. The 24-year-old has been coupled up with Libby from the start, and so far, they seem super committed. But that doesn’t stop the fans at home fancying the pants off Jake. His tattoos being a big pro for the viewers, which leaves them wondering how many tattoos does Jake have? And of course, what are they of?

How many tattoos does Jake have?
Jake showing off his tattoos to Love Island beau, Liberty | Screengrab

How many tattoos does Jake have?

Although there doesn’t appear to be a clear number of how many tattoos he has. It is believed to be around 8 separate pieces. However, he has plenty of ink across his body. Jake has a sleeve on his arm, with his chest and back tattooed. As well as his leg featuring a sleeve and some smaller pieces.

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What is Jake’s memorial tattoo about?

Jake has some massive tattoos, and a lot of them have meaning behind them. Some of Jake’s tattoos causing a stir between fans of the show. The 24-year-old has a huge back piece featuring a war memorial tattoo. It is believed to be in memory of his Grandad. In 2015, Jake wrote an Instagram post stating, “Once a soldier, always a soldier”, featuring a soldier and his shadow. The next picture in his feed is a tribute to his Grandfather.

On the show, Jake also advises the tattoo is yet to be finished. He says there are still tanks to be added. The memorial war piece showcases a poppy field in remembrance of those we lost in the war. However, some viewers of the show aren’t fans of the tattoo surrounding the war. Others are in awe of the inking and think Jake should be proud of the special tattoo. You can see the tattoo in full here.

Jake Love Island | Screengrab

What other tattoos does Jake Cornish have?

Alongside the war memorial tattoo, Jake also has some inspirational quotes on his arms. These tattoos read: “Family…where life begins and love never ends.” which can be spotted next to his arm sleeve. “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fit together”. This is a piece that is featured on his wrist. It is evident by these tattoos Jake is a huge family man.

As well as his family-based tattoos, the water engineer has a giant gorilla on his leg, a sleeve on his left arm that features two iron gates, alongside a bird and lots of clouds and an inspirational quote. The final big tattoo on Jake is his leg sleeve, which goes from his ankle to the thigh. The piece which fans of the show aren’t sure what it actually is.

Whether your fan of Jake’s ink or not, we can’t wait to see what’s next for him and Liberty!