Angela after surgery

Angela after surgery | screengrab

Angela Deem is back for yet another spin-off on the 90 Day Fiance franchise, starting on Before The 90 Days. Now Angela is back for another series of Happily Ever After. This time, Angela is on a mission, a mission to lose 100 pounds. Although her husband Michael is still in Nigeria, he is still featured throughout the series via video call.  This series following her weight loss journey, and fans of the show are shocked at how different she looks now. Angela admits that she isn’t a fan of dieting or exercise, so she opts for weight loss surgery. Despite her Nigerian beau’s concerns. So what surgery did she get? How did Angela afford her surgery? And did she ever get that facelift? Keep reading to find out more.

What surgery did Angela have?

Recently fans of the show witnessed the 56-year-old going under the knife to get multiple surgeries, including a gastric sleeve, liposuction on her back and a breast reduction—all in one day.  Which by any standards is a lot of surgery for anyone, but for someone like Angela (who was scared to get a swab done in a previous series), the idea of her getting multiple surgeries and coping with the recovery seemed unrealistic. On the TLC show, Angela advises she wants to be more physically fit to take care of her 6 grandchildren better and live longer and, of course, to impress her “sexy Nigerian Michael” on his arrival to the united states.

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What does Angela do for a job?

Avid 90 Day Fiance fans will know that Angela can be seen wearing her scrubs in previous seasons. She works as a nursing assistant in hospice care, where she cares for patients who are dying from cancer and other terminal illnesses. However, this job is unlikely to bring in the amount of money required for the number of surgeries Angela has had.

It is unknown whether Angela still works in the care home, as fans speculate since her segment in 90 Day Fiance became popular, the spin-offs that she’s done may fund her lifestyle. Alongside this, Angela is popular on Cameo, with over 620 reviews. Charging £93.75 per Cameo, it is likely Angela earns a large amount from Cameo.

How did Angela afford her surgery

Michael found out about the costs of weight loss surgery | Screengrab

How did Angela afford her surgery?

Her surgery was done in Beverly Hills in California, making it considerably more costly than what she would have paid in her home state of Georgia. Leaving fans of the show curious about how did Angela afford her surgery. Her surgeons are highly sought after, with Dr Obeng, who did Angela’s breast reduction was named among “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons” in 2011 and then again in 2014. Therefore it can be assumed that he is a costly surgeon with a range of famous clients under his belt.

Earlier this season, Angela advised Michael she would be having a further surgery costing $25,000. Viewers saw an upset Michael, who then hung up the phone to Angela. Luckily for Michael, Dr David Saddat refused to operate on her until she quit smoking and did a nicotine test. Although the 55-year-old is persistent that her smoking continues to be a problem due to the stress her husband puts her under.

Although Angela may have paid for these surgeries, some, if not all, were paid for either by TLC for content or the clinic itself as a form of a promotion agreement.

Angela pre weightless surgery

How much is she paid by TLC?

Angela has gained more than a paycheque from TLC, with her stint on the reality show resulting in her gaining over 600,000 followers on Instagram, allowing the 55-year-old to gain a serious amount of funds from her sponsored deals plastered across her Instagram feed. Additionally, with diet pills and other weight loss products on her social channels, she can likely earn a few thousand per AD.

According to sources, Angela is likely paid $15,000 per season of 90 Day Fiance and a further $2500 for appearing on the tell at the end of the season.