Bianca Castro is a drag icon who also goes by the name of Jiggly Caliente. One of the most remembered names on Drag Race, due to RuPaul asking if he can call Jiggly Caliente, Jiggly. With each time he speaks to the star, he says, “Jiggly Calinate, may I call you Jiggly?” which left the queen saying, yes, you can call my Jiggly on most episodes. Fans on Reddit speculate where the phrase came from. With a lot of Brits linking it back to a Little Britain quote. Although the queen did seem confused by the nickname in the first season, she now owns it.

Not only is Bianca known for her time in RuPaul’s Drag Race, but she’s also known for her acting and singing. The 40-year-old queen has an impressive portfolio of acting, including some popular TV shows. Despite this, Jiggly is still keen to work on collaborations with different drag queens. So what else has Castro starred in?

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Jiggly Caliente

Jiggly Caliente | Screengrab

Has Jiggly Caliente Done Acting Before?

According to her IMDB, her acting credits go back to 2012, with her acting still ongoing. It seems Bianca was boosted in her acting career a lot when she was in Drag Race season 3. She features in a number of seasons on TV, including Search Party, Playing House and Broad City. Most of the acting Jiggly has done is under her drag alias as opposed to her real name. This includes Wigs in A Blanket, which is to due air at some point this month. The queen is also listed as a producer on her latest tv season. Although Bianca has acting credits in many drag race shorts and tv shows, the queen is always working on new projects, so it will be exciting to see what the future has in store for her.

Has Jiggly Caliente Done Acting Before?

Jiggly in POSE | Screengrab

Jiggly as Veronica on Pose

Pose is a TV series set in New York during the late ’80s and early ’90s. It is the story of the gay and trans community during the raging AIDS crisis. In the show, Bianca Castro stared as Veronica in 12 episodes from 2018-2021. The show won a Primetime Emmy and has been nominated 88 times between seasons 1-3. Although Jiggly isn’t the main character, her role is featured regulalry. Apart from RuPaul’s Drag Race, this appears to be Jiggly’s most significant role. The queen was a popular character in the show Pose.

Bianca Castro Music

Like several other queens from the franchise, Jiggly has released a range of songs under an album T.H.OT Process and features in other songs, alongside her fellow Drag Race queens Ginger Minj and Alaska.

Whether you’re a fan of Bianca on Drag Race, as a singer or an actor, we know she is destined to go far!