It’s official, Ginger Minj making her 3rd appearance on Drag Race. With her husband by her side. CeeJay Russell is Ginger Minj Husband and he is a part of Ginger’s loyal fanbase. Although CeeJay is not a drag queen himself, he is involved with the drag scene and even took part in a show called The Queens Men. The show provides the drag husbands to share their stories, giving fans behind scenes access into their lives.

All The Queens Men | Screngrab

CeeJay Russell Ginger Minj Husband | screengrab


Who is Ginger Minj husband?

CeeJay Russell is Ginger Minj husband. He is a podcast host and works in theatre. Although Cee Jay is married to the ginger bombshell, he still finds plenty of time to do the things he enjoys. In 2020, WOW made a series called All The Queens’ Men, which featured CeeJay in one episode.

After all, they say, behind every great drag queen, stands a handsome husband. On Instagram Ginger’s husband regularly features pictures of the pair. When not working alongside the All Star, CeeJay is a theatre producer and podcast host according to his Instagram bio. He also has only fans!

Who are the O’Hara family?

CeeJay Russell and The Haters Roast Tour

CeeJay Russell also worked as a crew member on tour as part of the Haters Roast tour. However, he was later fired when he had to take time off to be with his grieving spouse,  Gay Times reported, who was dealing with the loss of her grandmother. After this, the tour received a lot of backlash including fellow co-star Trinity The Tuck posting this to Twitter around the circumstances of why she was quitting the tour.

When did they get married?

The pair got married at Drag Con in NYC back in 2017. Ginger, whose real name is Joshua, married their beau CJ  tied the knot at the drag convention. This is not only amazing due to the location, but even more exciting, the pair were married by Michelle Visage. Who happens to be a registered officiate.

Ginger Minj husband and wife

CeeJay and Ginger Minj tie the knot | Screengrab

Check out this amazing makeup talent by Gottmik!

Do they have any children?

Although in May 2018, Ginger announced her Instagram that she and her husband CeeJay have begun the surrogate process and looking forward to having their first baby. Although there hasn’t been much news surrounding this, it seems the couple are just as happy as ever.


We look forward to seeing what the future holds for CeeJay and Ginger.