Netflix docuseries Unsolved Mysteries has left fans of the show full of theories surrounding the tragic death of Rey Rivera, as seen in episode one of series. Whilst theories may be flying around, there are also many unanswered questions. One of them being, where is Frank Porter Stansberry now?

Unsolved Mysteries episode “Mystery on the Rooftop” covers the tragic, and mysterious death of 32-year-old Ray Rivera.

The show explores the circumstances surrounding his death, which was originally ruled a suicide. But irregularities and inconsistencies have since come to light. Of course, many people are now asking, what really happened to Rey Rivera?

One of the most controversial figures on the show, is Frank Porter Stansberry. Frank owns the firm where Ray Rivera worked at the time of his death. Of course, despite the controversial claims, and unanswered questions this show presents, the case is still unsolved.

But viewers of the show have since been questioning, where is Frank Porter Stansberry now?

Well, we’re going to tell you where the financier is, and what has happened to Frank Porter Stansberry since Unsolved Mysteries was released.

What happened to Ray Rivera?

Ray Rivera is a 32-year-old man whose death is explored on episode 1 of Netflix Unsolved Mysteries.

Ray had been missing for over a week when his body was found at a hotel in Baltimore in 2006. Whilst his untimely death is ruled as a suicide, there is much speculation as to the true cause, due to irregularities and inconsistencies in the evidence.

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At the time of his death, Ray was working as a financial writer at Porter Stansberry, his friend Frank’s financial firm.

In fact, it is revealed on the Netflix show, that the last call Ray received before his death, was from the switchboard at Porter Stansberry.

The show explores further the links that Porter Stansberry could potentially have to Ray Rivera’s death. As the episode progresses, more information is disclosed surrounding Frank Porter Stansberry. This includes previous allegations of fraud within his business, and even gag clauses issued to staff members not to talk to press, about Ray Riveras death. It is important to note here that the firm recently issued a statement denying that any gag-clauses were issued.

Of course, during Unsolved Mysteries, Frank Porter Stansberry isn’t directly interviewed and so this leaves a lot of information in the show open to speculation.

So, naturally, viewers are wondering what has happened to Frank Porter Stanberry since the investigation? And where is he now?

Well, let’s find out.

Where is Frank Porter Stanberry now?

Well, since Rey Rivera’s death, Frank Porter Stansberry has displayed some fairly controversial behaviour. Particularly in the financial industry in which he is most well-known.

So, what’s he been doing?

Well, in 2010, Frank shared a video on YouTube called ‘the End of America’. During the 83-minute long video, Frank discusses the end of the U.S monetary system – or what he believes to be the end.

Not only that, but the end of the video displays an ad for a free trial at Stansberry Research. The ad is given a voice over by Frank, informing viewers that this would be the best decision they ever made.

Why? Who knows.

We also know that Frank runs his own financial podcast. Not only that, but he is still heading up his company Porter Stansberry.

Of course, as we know from Unsolved Mysteries, Frank has remained silent on the subject of Rey Rivera’s death. Whether he will ever break his silence on the subject is unknown. But the speculation surrounding Rey Rivera’s death won’t be fading anytime soon.