The Floor is Lava Netflix contestants all landed on our screens last month, introducing us to lava fighting trio, the Mama’s Boys! Are they this seasons favourites?

New Netflix show Floor is Lava is the streaming platforms most recent success and has quickly become number one show of the summer. The show is based on the well-known game from our childhoods, with three teams fighting against each other to win $10,000.

Season 1 has provided us with a whole mix of teams, including youth pastors, teachers and even Instagram influencers!

But it is episode 3 winners the Mama’s boys that have kept fans talking!

So, what do we know about teammates Jordan, LaJuan and Jerrold? And what have they been up to since they defeated the lava-filled rooms of the show?

We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Floor is Lava Netflix contestants the Mama’s boys!

What is Floor is Lava?

If you’ve not yet seen the hottest show on Netflix, you might be wondering what all the hype is about?

Well, Floor is Lava is based on the game most of us played during our childhood, where you pretend the floor is, er, lava. For years, kids have famously jumped from couch cushion to couch cushion, climbed on tables and leapt with fear, lest they slip and fall to a painful death into the molten lava (carpet).

The creators of the show have essentially brought this game to life. How have they done that? Well, the rooms on the show are filled with bubbling, flame-red lava!

The aim is for the contestants to leap from object to object, including pyramids, boulders, and crates, to successfully make it to the other side of the room.  Of course, the objects are slippery and there are numerous obstacles to avoid along the way.

Sounds fun right? Well it’s certainly fun for the winners of each episode, who are rewarded for their efforts with a huge $10,000.

There have been some valiant efforts from teams throughout season 1 of the show, all hoping to win the prize money for college funds, teachers’ lounge, and in the case of the Mama’s boys – a bachelor pad.

So, who are the Mama’s Boys? Let’s find out!

Floor is Lava contestants: Mama’s Boys

Cousins Jordan and LaJuan and their good friend Jerrold formed the team Mama’s Boys and climbed across the hot lava to victory in episode 3.

The three guys are former college roommates at UCLA, and Jerrold is a former basketball player for the University too.

Mama’s Boys formed their team name based on their return home to their mothers after graduation. Luckily for them, their high hopes of winning the $10,000 paid off! The teammates plan on putting the winnings towards a much-wanted bachelor pad!

The trio went up against Triple Threat, couple Nick and Kay, and Kay’s cousin Xavier, and the Edutainers, teachers Karl, Teresa, and Dan. Both teams tried their best to tackle the Floor is Lava, but it wasn’t quite good enough to beat the Mama’s Boys!

Where are the Floor is Lava contestants now?

Mama’s boys Jordan, LaJuan and Jerrold are all active on Instagram, and are currently enjoying their Floor is Lava triumph.

In fact, Jerrold has recently been interviewed on The Today Show about the winning experience!

There’s currently no update as to when the Mama’s Boys will be moving into their bachelor pad, but in the meantime, you can see what they get up to by following them on Instagram!