If you’re a fan of 90 day Fiance, you’ll likely have heard about the family Chantal, the family who had a storyline, turned into their own spin-off. Chantal and her family are problematic to her husband Pedro and his family doing the same to Chantal. The whole relationship is based on drama, so they wanted to make their own show. The family featured on a variety of 90 day shows before their own show, so fans on Reddit believe the same will happen to Elizabeth Potthast Castravet and her family.

Elizabeth Family

Elizabeth and Andrei at their wedding in Moldova | Screengrab

Who is Elizabeth’s Family?

Elizabeth is married to Andrei Catsravet, and they have a child together, who is named Ellie, born in 2019. However, throughout their time in the 90 Day franchise, they’ve had one major issue. Andrei getting on with Elizabeth’s family. Throughout the seasons they’ve featured in, it seems like Andrei seems to butt heads with each family member in turn. However, during the current season of happily ever after, it seems that Andrei is making progress with Elizabeth’s father.

With 90 Day Fiancé Elizabeth Family being so close with her family and working in the family business with them, the tension between the family has never been easy. Especially now Andrei works with them too.


Who are Elizabeth’s parents?

Elizabeth’s parents are Chuck and his ex-wife, Pamela. They have 6 children, including Elizabeth (Libby), Rebecka (Becky), Jenn and Charles Jr (Charlie). They also have another 2 sons who declined to be featured on the show. Although Pamela and Chuck divorced and are now married to other people, they are still good friends and regularly feature together. Alongside their current significant others.

Charles “Chuck” Potthast

Chuck is Libby’s dad, and he owns a company called CMP Capital Investments. Although the net worth of Chuck is not known, it is believed due to his financial abilities to support all of his family, and the typical salary of a real estate executive is around $240,000, if not more. With Libby and Andrei supposedly having a net worth of $600,000 according to The Richest, he likely has a lot more money than that. He can regularly be seen on his Instagram with his grandchildren, and he seems like a dotting grandfather and father.

Pamela ‘Pam’ Putman

Pam Elizabeth’s mum is married and a talent agent. Although she doesn’t feature as regularly in the show as Chuck and her daughters, she is often referred to and was part of Libby and Andrei’s second wedding in Moldova and their first in the States.

90 Day Fiancé Elizabeth Family

Andrei and Chuck have it out at his Birthday | Screengrab

The Family Business

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll know that Chuck owns a successful house flipping business where he employs most of his children. It appears all of his children mention working for the company apart from Jenn, who doesn’t mention any part of the business. Charlie is often referred to as a partner with Chuck on many houses, alongside Becky as the listing agent. Elizabeth takes up the role of office manager. More recently in the happily ever after season, Andrei finally gets a job, however, this is with Chuck and his in-laws do not seem happy about it.

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Who is Charlie?

Charlie is the only son of Chuck and Pam, who appears on the show. He isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. Fans believe that he is taking a similar role to River in The Family Chantal, the bad guy against the husband.  Charlie usually causes fights between his family when it comes to working with Andrei. However, he has four wonderful children and a wife.

Elizabeth 90 day fiance family

Becky and Jenn | Screengrab

Libby’s Sisters

Since the couple started their 90 journeys, Libby’s sisters have had strong opinions about the couple. However, they still have a closing sibling bond, alongside Charlie’s wife, often referred to as one of the Potthast girls. So who are the sisters?

Jenn ‘Jaylyn’ Davies

Elizabeth’s oldest sister Jenn is a single mum, and she has two daughters, who are 11 and 13. Her Instagram shows her fitness journey alongside glam makeup looks and plenty of pictures with her sisters. Jenn is known to be outspoken on the show, especially to Andrei.


Rebekah ‘Becky’ Lichtwerch

Becky is married to the wealthy Thomas Lichtwerch. She is also a key part of Chuck’s house flipping business. As a licensed realtor, she sells the properties via listings and closes them too. She has been featured more in the latest Happily Ever After due to Andrei getting his real estate license.

Megan Potthast

Megan is Charlie’s wife of 20 years, and the pair have four kids together. She can often be found with the other Potthast girls or by Charlie’s side during the filming of 90 Day Fiance. Alongside her sisters-in-law, Megan had a baby around the same time as Becky and Elizabeth.

How much are the family paid per episode?

According to Screenrant depending on the family member will depend on the fee they receive. It is rumoured that the American cast members are paid $1000/$1500 per episode. Any spin-offs are believed to have a similar pay per episode. However, they advise that before the 90 day cast members get paid less than other series. With the ‘The Other Way’ series earnings unknown.


The all-important question remains, will 90 Day Fiancé Elizabeth Family get their own reality spin-off?