Symone rupaul hair

Symone Entrance | Screengrab

The stars of Ru Paul’s Drag Race are no strangers to wigs and eccentric hairpieces. Season upon season, the steaks for the complete package get higher. This season is no exception, with Drag Race fans worldwide living for the looks of their favourite queens. Season 13 will be known for possibly being the most extended series in Drag Race Herstory and having some genuinely top-notch contestants. With the season’s winner, Symone, offering some seriously stylish looks this season. It’s no wonder, so many of us want to know where did Symone RuPaul hair come from?

Symone’s Most Iconic Look

We knew Symone was an icon from the minute she entered the workroom as she entered in a dress covered in polaroids of herself. The queen had many iconic looks throughout the season. One of the things she will be known for is her fantastic collection of wigs. Oh, and that furry costume for the beast runway, which isn’t going to leave our minds anytime soon.

Symone Season 13 Drag Race

Symone Ep 9 | Screengrab

Alongside the above, the queens were set a challenge for the runway of fascinating fascinator she wore during week 9 of the series. Symone wore a gorgeous white gown and a headpiece styled like a lily. Viewers were stunned when Symone turned around. With two bullet holes on the dress, say their names in red rhinestones on her headpiece. As Symone was walking away, she raised her hands, later confirming this was regarding the don’t shoot movement.

What is Symone known for?

Symone is known for, of course, is the winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race season 13, but also for her daring fashion choices and amazing collection of wigs. With each challenge and runway presenting a totally different style to the last. From the look with the hoops to the blonde wig she wore in her tv commercial, she is the full package. In the cutaways of Symone, out of drag, she has a shaved head, providing her with additional freedom when it comes to hair.

Although Symone wears wigs, her look is so put together. The wigs fit so naturally.

Which RuPaul season was the hardest? 

Who styles Symone’s wigs, and where does she get them from?

Season 12 semi-finalist Gigi Goode and her mom, Geggie help with her outfits and hair throughout the season. With Symone crediting Gigi Goode for the majority of hair throughout the season. Not only did Gigi style Symone’s wigs, but she made them too. Helping Symone with her weird and wonderful ideas on the runway and creating her visions, so they come to life.

Geggie is also a seamstress and has helped to create gorgeous runway looks for not only Gigi Goode but also for Simone. Including that beautiful floor-length gown, she wore during the final 4.

Whether you’re a fan of Symone’s more natural looks or prefer her bold and extreme styles, Gigi is probably the creator behind the (operation) wigs.

You can stream Season 13 of RuPaul’s drag race on Netflix now.