Dr Michael K Obeng is a plastic surgeon who most recently was featured in the 90 Day Fiance spin-off – happily ever after. But who is he and where have we seen him before?

Who is Dr Obeng?

Dr Obeng came to the United States from Ghana when he was just 20 to follow his dreams of getting into medicine after seeing his neighbour getting reconstructive surgery when he was young after an acid attack. He knew that plastic surgery was where he needed to be. The doctor, who is now 48, has come a long way from his roots in Ghana. Becoming a plastic surgeon who is Harvard trained. For the last 14 years, Michael has been director of his own Plastic Surgery Center, called MiKO.

Dr Michael Obeng Wife

Dr Michael Obeng With Angela | Screengrab

Who is Michael Obeng’s Wife?

In 2015, the Dr participated in a reality tv show on E! called Second Wives Club. Alongside his 3rd wife, the show featured the pair who had already filed for divorce before the show aired due to Michael’s unfaithfulness to his wife. Another one of dr Michael Obeng wife E! is no longer frantically involved with Veronika aired the events despite the Dr trying to sue the networking giant. The show featured the confirmation of the affair when Veronika found a mistress on a secret page. The pair have 3 children together as well as 5 additional children between the pair from previous relationships. Veronika is actually the 3rd wife of the Beverly Hills surgeon. His other 2 wives have not been featured in the spotlight. Dr Michael Obeng Wife is still on the market currently.

What is he famous for?

The first time we saw the Ghanaian surgeon in the 90 day series, Angela Deem, was immediately smitten when having her first consultation for a breast reduction. The 56- year old from Hazelhurst, Georgia, then went on to ask if he’s married and even telling him he’s too handsome to be her doctor. Throughout her procedures, Angela appears to be flirty with the Dr, and he seems happy enough to join in. It appears the pair have even been partying together at a nightclub after Angela’s daughter Skyla posted pictures of them together on social media.

Dr Obeng


But, if you wonder where you’ve seen the surgeon before, this isn’t his first segment on a tv show. Michael has been in the public eye for giving Tessica Brown free treatment earlier this year after using Gorilla Glue on her hair and failed to dissolve. In addition, the surgeon has been known for starting a non-profit called R.E.S.T.O.R.E, providing free reconstructive surgery in Africa which he has donated more than $300,00 to complete the project.

In addition, however, Michael has been involved in a few controversies involving several cheating scandals and making headlines for removing a lung for Justin Jedlica and numerous other tweaks to Kim Kardashian and other social media stars. Although he doesn’t appear to be married currently, who knows, maybe his friendliness with Angela could even lead to more. Although he is rumoured to be dating, nobody knows what’s in future for the doctor.