It feels like only yesterday the theatrical curtain fell on Wisteria Lane. In reality it was 8 years ago. Times have changed, but our thirst for soapy drama has not! Lucky for us, you can watch every episode of Desperate Housewives right now, thanks to Amazon Prime UK.

The demise of Mary Alice – Narrator for the show

What began a delicious mystery surrounding the suicide of Wisteria Lane resident Mary Alice, became so much more. Desperate Housewives is a veritable feast of affairs, murder, intrigue, hostage situations, one tornado and yes, a teeny tiny plane crash! Who would have thought so much havoc could be wrought in one street.

But with so many shows to choose from, why dive in to desperate housewives amazon prime UK? Well, we don’t like to kiss and tell, but the secret lies within the gleeful mixing of misery and mirth.

Behind each door lurks tales that—much like the women of Wisteria Lane—promise to never grow old.

Magic, Murder, Methods & Madness

As a front-runner to the ‘Real Housewives’ tidal wave, this show has it all. Desperate Housewives is a cocktail of comedy and tragedy, courting drama with a maniacal laugh. It is perhaps our omnipotent viewpoint that gives the wry element that is so enjoyable. Narrated via the voice of the deceased, enigmatic Mary Alice, she has a singular presence. Aware of everything, but never taking it too seriously.

Oh Susan!

The mishaps’ of Susan Mayer add lightness to serious undertones: Most notably when locked out of the house completely naked! The darkness of Gabrielle Solis’ family history is one of the darker storylines, giving rapture of the divine dance of comedy and tragedy. Eva Longoria is underrated for her ability to portray light and shade.

Gabrielle & Carlos – A troubled marriage

These story arcs will always keep you guessing, and your guesses will almost never be correct. But what matters most is the complexity of the Stepford style women who stand beyond the picket fence. There can be no doubt—we love a mouthy, independent woman, a complicated character with a checkered past. And the Edie Brit’s that we just love to hate!

There is simply nothing better than a messy story under a beautiful facade. So while still stuck at home, why not live vicariously through these beautiful women?

Where to Watch Desperate Housewives – Amazon Prime UK and more!

Desperate Housewives is actually a pretty tricky series to find online! But, there are a few ways you can watch: Hulu is an American platform that holds all series, so if you have a VPN (Virtual Private Network), and can get around regional blocks, this could be a way to go. However, for an easier ride, watch every episode of desperate housewives on Amazon Prime in the UK. Thats right! Season’s 1-8 are there right now!

Edie’s finale

Whilst Sky Store are offering the ‘box set’ for a whopping £68.99, and iTunes for anywhere between $19.99 and $25.99 a series, Amazon Prime is where its at. Amazon will give you the Desperate Housewives fix you need for a fraction of the price!

So, get your Amazon Prime membership and revisit your old pals Susan, Lynette, Bree, Edie and Gabrielle, amongst others. There has never been a better time to dive in to Desperate Housewives and see what all the hype was all about!