When Dating Around season 2 landed on Netflix earlier this month, contestant Deva Mahal quickly became a firm favourite.

Fans welcomed back Season 2 of the reality dating show Dating Around, desperate to watch this years cast go on their five blind dates.

Some of the dates went surprisingly well, but others really did leave viewers cringing in true Dating Around style. Deva Mahal quickly became star of season 2 after she had one very controversial date that left viewers furious on her behalf.

So where is Deva now, and did her Dating Around relationship last?

Well, we found Deva Mahal on Instagram and found out a bit more about the Dating around favourite!

Who is Deva Mahal?

Deva Mahal was introduced on episode 3 of the popular show Dating Around on Netflix. She is a professional singer and is also daughter of legendary blues singer Taj Mahal.

Deva was born in Hawaii but moved to New Zealand when she was 17. She revealed on season 2 of Dating Around that she currently lives in New Orleans.

In 2017, Deva and her father Taj Mahal performed together in a tribute to Aretha Franklin at New York City’s Carnegie Hall.

Deva is currently pursuing her career as a solo artist. She released her debut album “Run Deep” in 2018. A passion for music clearly runs in the family!

What about Deva on season 2 of Dating Around?

Deva Mahal featured on Season 2 of Dating Around and her dates were covered on episode 3 of the show. She was a particularly unique contestant on season 2 of the show as the only one to have dates with both men and women.

Unfortunately, out of the five dates Deva had on Dating Around, one of them ended up sending fans into a frenzy.

So, what happened?

During the season 2 episode, Deva Mahal had date with True, who voiced controversial opinions on his dating habits when he revealed her only dated bisexual women. He also claimed he was polyamorous – but that the women he dated couldn’t see other men.

Much to viewers delight, Deva challenged his outlook, questioning his views as sexist and shutting him down. Deva received support from followers on Twitter praising her confidence and calling out True. Safe to say they were not a match!

Did Deva only have bad dates on Dating Around?

No, luckily for Deva! She ended up having an amazing date with Maria, an artist from New Orleans. They even made it to a second date.

The two shared a kiss during the episode, and fans have since been desperate to know if the favourite couple of Dating Around season 2 worked out!

Where is Deva now?

For those that want to know more about the life of the Dating Around star, we have found Deva Mahal on Instagram!

Deva shares some amazing content following her music career and her life in New Orleans. Unfortunately for fans of Dating Around, there is no sign of Maria on her feed – yet!