Dating Around Heather Salvaggio is a huge hit with fans of the popular dating show. She features on season 2 that landed on Netflix last month. Since then, her Instagram profile has gained thousands more followers, all eager to see what the new star gets up to in her day to day life.

Netflix reality show Dating Around returned to our screens at the start of June, with a new bunch of contestants ready to take on their five blind dates. The show features a whole host of amazing contestants, all loved by fans of the show, but Heather in particular, has gained quite a following.

Dating Around Heather Salvaggio’s Instagram displays her fun-loving personality that fans adore on the show, most importantly, though, it also gives us some insight as to how her romance with fellow Dating Around star Ernesto, has been getting on – or not.

So where is Heather Salvaggio now? And did her romance with Ernesto work out?

We take a closer look at Heather Salvaggio’s Instagram, and see what she’s been up to since she won the hearts of Dating Around fans this year.

Who is Heather Salvaggio?

Heather Salvaggio is a make-up artist and hairstylist from New Orleans. Heather featured on episode 4 of Netflix show Dating Around this year.

When Heather featured on the show, she was still living with her parents in New Orleans.  She was pursuing her career in make-up artistry, which she said has always been her passion and a way for her to express herself.

Heather Salvaggio’s Instagram page reveals just how much the star loves experimenting with her own make-up and hair styles in her free time, as well as in her career. Her Instagram photos show how confidently she can carry off bright colour palettes and gorgeous 1950’s styles too!

So, what about Dating Around Heather and Ernesto?

What happened to Heather Salvaggio on Dating Around?

Heather appears on episode 4 of Dating Around season 2. She is one of the lucky few who has five successful dates, although not all contestants were that fortunate!

One of Heather’s five dates is with Ernesto, who is also living in New Orleans during the filming of the show.

Ernesto works for an airline company and is a huge fan of travelling. From the offset it seemed like he was going to be a good match for the make-up artist.

Fans were, of course, delighted when the date went well between Heather and Ernesto. The pair not only shared the same hometown, but also had similar tastes in TV shows (Peaky Blinders!) too! The couple shared a kiss at the end of the date. This left Dating Around fans with high hope for Heather Salvaggio and her future with Ernesto.

But are they still together?

Heather Salvaggio Instagram: what does it reveal?

Heather runs two Instagram accounts; one for her personal use, and one to showcase her make-up and hairstylist business.

According to Dating Around Heather Salvaggio Instagram profile, her and Ernesto appear to be dating in May this year. The couple are both very active on Instagram, and revealed in a post not long after the show finished, that they were officially a couple!

Unfortunately, there have been no photos of the pair since, meaning, that yes, the couple may not have worked out. In fact, it doesn’t appear Heather is dating anyone at the moment. Her profile shows she is spending summertime with her girlfriends.

If you want to know more about Dating Around Heather Salvaggio, you can follow her on Instagram where she currently has over 10,000 followers!