Dating Around Brazil is a new reality show that follows the exploits of six singles looking for love – Elena, Dieter, Joelma, Jota, Raissa and Paulo.

The show allows its global audience a glimpse into the South American dating scene! By focusing on each competitor as they go on five blind dates with five potential matches.

During the show, we have seen a diverse cast of characters searching for romance, such as Dieter, an openly gay model looking to settle down. However, another contestant had audiences swooning with his kind personality and ruggish good-looks! His name is Jota Gonzalez, but his friends call him J.

Since appearing on the show, people have wanted to know more about the sexy singer’s life, before and after his time on Dating Around Brazil. So, did Jota find his true love? Let’s take a look at his time on the show and see if he found his perfect girl!

Who is Jota Gonzalez?

Jota Gonzalez is a Brazillian singer-songwriter who works primarily around São Paul, Brazil. Although on his social media he goes by Jota, during Dating Around Brazil, he is introduced as Juan. But his friends often just refer to him simply as J.

During his first date, Jota even states that when someone calls his ‘Juan’ it feels like he’s talking to a family member and not a potential lover! So, it’s safe to assume that Jota Gonzalez is just his professional name.

In his episode, Jota’s friends and family describe him as a traditionally chivalrous guy! He is romantic, affectionate, caring, loveable and kind. Jota is also the kind of guy to get completely invested in his relationships, and has been known to fall in love very quickly!

Jota is also known for being very handsome and is often the centre of attention when he walks down the street. And there’s even evidence to back this up! With the singer even having his own hashtag – #JNoticeMe.

But after being single for nine months, it seems that Jota is finally ready for something serious again. But how did his five blind dates actually go?

Jota on Dating Around Brazil!

Jota first appeared in the fourth episode of Dating Around Brazil. The episode is called ‘Look at Me, Jota’ in reference to his famous hashtag.

During the episode we see Jota go on five blind dates with Monique, Natalia, Mariely, Maria, Clara and Giovana.

But from the beginning of the episode, it is clear that he has a true connection with Monique. Something which continues to be explored by the couple throughout their date. The couple were very similar in that they were both relaxed and open people. After some nervous jitters, the two immediately bonded and started talking like old friends!

It was clear that the couple had chemistry! A connection, very similar to the one seen between previous competitor, Elena and her favourite date.

Jota and Monique got very comfortable with each other and soon Jota felt relaxed enough to ask Monique about her hair – or lack of it. Monique happily revealed that she shaves her head for religious purposes, immediately interesting Jota and confirming their already powerful bond!

At the end of the episode, we saw Jota and Monique share a taxi home. During the drive, the two laughed, kissed and Jota even felt Monique’s head. They made their feelings known to each other and Jota chose Monique for a second date.

But what has happened to them since appearing on Dating Around Brazil?

Jota and Monique – Where Are They Now?

Sadly there has been no word about Jota and Monique’s relationship since appearing on Dating Around Brazil. Why? Well, previous contestant, Joelma, stated on her social media that the cast is bound by contractual obligation. And therefore are not allowed to divulge information regarding their relationships!

But it can be assumed that Jota and Monique are still in contact and maybe even still together. The fire between them was so powerful and it seems impossible it would go out so soon!

Jota even referred to their date as “one of the best experiences” he had ever had! So, it makes sense that the two are at least still friends.

Jota continues to work on his music, while Monique now spends her time working between São Paulo and Santos as a fitness trainer and member of Furions Fight Team. She regularly posts pictures on her Instagram!

Do you think Jota made the right choice? Are you looking forward to Dating Around Brazil season two? Leave a comment below and let us know who you think Jota should have chosen!