New Netflix docuseries Down to Earth with Zac Efron landed last month. The new show sees him discussing environmental issues, green energy, and sustainable living techniques as he travels around the world. But Down to Earth also introduces us to Zac Efron’s friend Darin Olien. And viewers want to know more about him!

Down to Earth is an eight-part docuseries that shows 32-year-old Zac Efron visiting Puerto Rico, Iceland, Peru and even Sardinia. On his travels, he learns more about sustainable living, and the impact our lifestyle is having on the environment.

But the show doesn’t only feature the Greatest Showman star on his journey for a more environmentally friendly way of life. No, he is joined by his friend, and sustainable-living expert Darin Olien.

Whilst you would think it was Zac Efron who had left fans talking, it was actually vegan and wellness expert Darin Olien leaving viewers wanting more!

Who is he? And how did Darin and Zac become friends?

Well, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Down to Earth co-host Darin Olien!

Who is Darin Olien?

If you haven’t managed to watch Down to Earth yet, and hey, that’s fine, there’s a lot to binge on Netflix at the moment – like Warrior Nun with its mysterious characters and plot twists  (love it!) – then you may not be familiar with Darin Olien.

Well, Darien Olien is an American Author, who was born in Minnesota. He recently appeared as a co-host with Zac Efron on hit Netflix show Down to Earth.

In fact, Darin is not only a co-host for Down to Earth, he is also an executive producer on the show! Yes, Darin is a health and wellness expert, vegan and according to good friend Zac Efron “a guru of healthy living”.

Darin accompanies Zac Efron on his tour across seven countries on the show, striving to learn more about green energy, the environment, and how he can reduce his footprint on the planet.

So, what else do we know about Darin Olien?

Well, Darin is not only a health and wellness expert. In actual fact, he is an expert on superfoods! The 49-year-old released a book in 2015 called Superlife: The 5 forces that will make you healthy, fit and eternally awesome.

Not only that, Darin also created Shakeology, which is potentially the biggest superfood shake in America! He certainly knows his stuff!

Darin currently lives in Malibu with his dog, where he is running online retreats during the ongoing pandemic.

But how does wellness expert Darin Olien know Zac Efron?

Well, read on and we’ll tell you!

Darien Olien and Zac Efron: how did they meet?

How did Darien and Zac become friends? Well, it is a question many Zac Efron fans were asking during his Netflix Down to Earth journey.

The answer? Well, Zac actually revealed on the show that he came across the Darien Olien on a wellness podcast. Darin was guest starring on the podcast before Zac decided to get in touch with him.

The two met for lunch and came up with the idea for Down to Earth!

With Darin Oliens health and wellness background, and Zac Efron’s desire to learn more about green living, the two were destined to be a friendship match!

Darin Olien is active on Instagram where you can follow his health and wellness tips – and adorable pictures of dog Chaga!

Down to Earth with Zac Efron is available on Netflix now. Take a break from Dating Around Brazil (if you haven’t already binged it and are waiting for season 2) and learn a little about sustainable and green living!