Katherine Langford is currently making headlines with her role in new Netflix series Cursed. The actress is becoming a household name due to her success on the streaming platform, leading us to ask – what is Katherine Langford’s net worth?

Actress Katherine Langford shot to fame after appearing in incredibly popular – and heart-breaking – series 13 Reasons Why. She played the main character Hannah on the Netflix show and quickly developed a huge fan-following due to her exceptional performance.

But most recently, Katherine is seen playing protagonist Nimue on Netflix series Cursed, which landed on the platform last month. The series is a fantasy-drama, much like popular series Warrior Nun which left fans questioning its mysterious plotlines!

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So, what do we know about actress Katherine Langford? And after so much success on Netflix Original TV series – what is her net worth?

Well, we’re going to take a closer look at Cursed star Katherine Langford’s net worth, career and Instagram!

 Who Is Cursed Star Katherine Langford?

Katherine Langford is an Australian actress who is currently starring in Netflix series Cursed, as main character Nimue.

She has previously featured in popular series 13 Reasons Why which is perhaps her most famous role to date. In the series, she plays Hannah Baker, who commits suicide in the first episode. The show follows the lead-up to her suicide and explores the theme of mental health.

The 24-year-old received critical acclaim for her performance in 13 Reasons Why and has gone on to star in other Netflix Original series including new release Cursed. In fact, Katherine isn’t the only young actor to reach stardom through Netflix. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) star Maximilian Mundt is also reaching new heights after featuring in the latest season of the show!

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So, what else do we know about Katherine Langford?


Well, Katherine grew up in Perth in South Australia, with her parents and younger sister Josephine, who is also an actress.

The Cursed star has featured in several independent films, including the 2016 film Daughter which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival!

Of course, Katherine’s big break was 13 Reasons Why. In fact, after her Skype audition for the role, Katherine had only 10 days to get her O-1 visa approved so she could take the job in America! Luckily, she made it!

So, we know Katherine’s acting career has certainly taken off since her appearance on these two popular Netflix Original shows.

But what is Katherine Langford’s net worth?

Read on to find out!

What is Katherine Langford Net Worth?

As we know Katherine has starred in two extremely popular Netflix shows, including recent release Cursed and 2017 series 13 Reasons Why.

She has also featured in numerous independent films during her acting career.

The question is, what is Katherine Langford’s net worth?


Well, according to reports, Katherine’s net worth is over $5,000,000, which is over £3,000,000!

It’s safe to say Katherine’s net worth is proof enough that she is becoming a star in the acting world!

So, now we know the Cursed actresses net worth – let’s take a closer look at Katherine Langford’s role in the new Netflix series Cursed!

Katherine Langford in Cursed: What Is the New Netflix Series?

Hit Netflix show Cursed landed on our screens back in July and has gone down a storm with fans.

The fantasy-drama series is based on the novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, and follows the story of the legend of King Arthur – but with a twist.

Yes, the series tells the tale of the legend of Arthur, who retrieves the Sword of Excalibur from the mystical Lady of the Lake.

And the Lady of the Lake? Well, she is Nimue – played by Katherine Langford.

What makes Cursed different – and perhaps so popular – is that the legend is told through the eyes of Nimue. It documents her journey to becoming the Lady of the Lake and is not far from a coming-of-age story in the way it follows the journey of teenage Nimue.

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Of course, those with a passion for fantasy-drama will have binged Cursed season one already! Will there be a season two? Well, it’s likely! But as of yet nothing has been confirmed.

If you want to know more about Cursed actress Katherine Langford, you can follow her on Instagram where she has over 17 million followers!

Katherine regularly shares snapshots of her life, selfies and updates on upcoming shows – so keep a lookout for Cursed updates in the near future!

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