If you’ve been a fan of the show 90 Day Fiance for some time, you’ll know Colt. Starting in Season 7 of the show, he then went on to be in a further 8 spin-offs for the show. Including pillow talk, the single life and happily ever after.

Colt and The Single Life

Most recently, Colt was on The Single Life and from what we know about The Single Life was filmed towards the end of 2020 and continuing to film in early 2021. So, therefore, it seems the couple were only officially dating for a few months before deciding to get married.

After always living with his mum, it is apparent that it can be off-putting to women in Colt’s life. But with a new woman in his sights who doesn’t seem to mind living with him and his, can Colt finally make it out of the family home and into his own home and even result in Colt and Vanessa having kids?

Are Colt and Vanessa having kids?

Colt and Vanessa | Screengrab

So what has happened between Colt and Vanessa so far?

Colt started the season by advising he loves Vanessa, with who he just so happened to be who he cheated on his ex-girlfriend Jess. Unfortunately, Vanessa quickly made it apparent that she and Colt didn’t have any trust, so that it wouldn’t work. However, with Colt desperate to get Vanessa to trust him enough to be with him, he tried everything in his power to prove he wouldn’t cheat on her as he did with his previous girlfriend, Jess and ex-wife Larissa. In the end, she agreed to be his girlfriend.

After a few dates, Colt planned a romantic getaway for the pair. By the end of the trip, Colt was down on one knee, popping the question. Although shocking for fans, Vanessa said, she wouldn’t be ready for a wedding for a long time. That was until Colt Johnson made an admission during the series finale. Advising that he and Vanessa Guerra had tied the knot. He advised after a short engagement, and the pair eloped to have an intimate wedding and the most shocking part of it all? Debbie didn’t know.


Although she seemed happy for the couple, the look on her face said otherwise. But fans speculate if there was a reason for the quick wedding, and does it involve kids?

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Are Colt and Vanessa expecting?

Some savvy users on Instagram noticed a t-shirt on more than one occasion referencing the word dad in some variation. Including this Papa Bear t-shirt featured below. The shirt turned into a whole Reddit thread with users discussing their thoughts. Are Colt and Vanessa having kids? Many users thought they might be expecting, whereas others believe it is with his many cats. Did the pair post this photo to gain the viewers’ attention, or is there more to be shown?

Are Colt and Vanessa expecting?

Colt with his ‘PAPA’ t-shirt on | Screengrab

Although the couple has denied these allegations, claiming they have too many pets to look after. It may be due to them wanting to keep it a secret for a little longer or to throw fans off the scent. However, fans still believe Vanessa is throwing subtle hints on her Instagram about their potential as a family.