If you’ve been watching hit dating show Single Wives on Netflix, you might recognise Chris Gevaux as one of Emma Wynne’s dates early in the series.

But did you know that Chris is actually an actor himself?

Yes, before Chris appeared on Single Wives as radio announcer Emma’s (slightly awkward) date on the series, the British Australian guy had actually been on our TV screens before!

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So, where have you seen Chris before? And what else do we know about the Single Wives star?

Well, we’re going to take a closer look at Chris Gevaux – and have a sneak peek at his Instagram!


Chris Gevaux: What Do We Know About the Actor?

Chris is an Australian and British citizen, who appeared in Australian dating show, Single Wives as Emma Wynne’s love interest and date.

But what do we know about Single Wives bachelor Chris?

Well, interestingly, Chris is no stranger to TV appearances and certainly wasn’t a rookie when he featured on the show back in 2018.

Yes, Chris is actually an actor and regularly features as an extra in TV series. In fact, he featured in popular comedy Summer Heights High in 2007 and was even a contestant in dating show Taken Out in 2008.

Not only that, but Chris also spent three years in the Australian Army Reserves training as an Officer – before he became a dating show aficionado!

So, where is Chris now?


Well, Chris currently lives in Canberra in Australia, although he has actually lived in four out of eight of the Australian capitals.

Now we know more about Chris Geveux, let’s find out more about his Single Wives journey!

Chris and his Single Wives Journey

Australian actor and extra Chris featured on Single Wives when it first aired in Australia back in 2018.

But now the show is back on Netflix, introducing us to our Single Wives and bachelors yet again and leaving us wondering whether any of the couples made it to 2020!

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So, what happened with Chris and Emma on Single Wives?

Well, Chris makes his first appearance on Single Wives in the first episode, as one of Emma’s ten brief dates.

Yes, the actor looks taken aback as Emma brazenly asks about his relationship history in the first few minutes! Luckily, he keeps his cool and gets Emma’s number late that evening – despite the sheer amount of male competition!

Obviously, Emma is impressed by Chris and chooses him for her date the following day. The couple enjoy a round of tennis and share a post-match drink afterward – and that’s where it all goes wrong.


Unfortunately, Emma chooses her date with Chris to practice her vulnerability. Whilst sharing a story about her father being in an almost-fatal motorbike accident, Chris jumps in with a not-so-funny joke about her getting in an accident too.

Naturally, the joke falls flat. Not only that, but Chris’s date performance doesn’t hold up under the scrutiny of the other Single Wives later that day!

Luckily for Chris, dating coach Matthew Hussey defends his bad joke – but it is the end of the road for Emma and Chris!

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So, Chris Gevaux didn’t quite make the cut on Single Wives, but he certainly gave it his best shot.

Now let’s meet Single Wives star and actor Chris Gevaux on Instagram!

Meet Single Wives Chris Gevaux on Instagram

Chris Gevaux is active on Instagram and currently has over 1,000 followers!

So, what does Chris’s profile reveal about him?

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Birthday antics ❤️

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Well, as we know, the Single Wives love interest lives in Australia, so of course there are some envy-inducing beach shots in the glorious Aussie sun!

Not only that, but Chris regularly shares snippets of his life, including his family, friends and travels to capital Sydney.

Chris also works out regularly and his Instagram also features photos of his gym sessions – and boxing!


If you want to know more about Single Wives star Chris Gevaux you can follow him on Instagram.

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