Celebrity Gogglebox is back on your screens this year for a second series with some fresh and exciting cast members Johnny Vegas and Bev Dixon.

Fans have been left to figure out the relationship between the pair through their own accord – but don’t worry we have all your answers covered!

Follow on below to find out the newest Celebrity Gogglebox additions and discover who the mysterious Bev Dixon is to Britains national treasure – Johnny Vegas.


Who is Johnny Vegas?

Johnny Vegas is also known under Michael Joseph Pennington and is a British comedian and actor.

His surreal humour, northern and husky accent and also his hilarious fiery-comedic rants are what makes Johnny so loved around the nation.

One thing that we Brits are renowned for is our love of tea and Johnny was not hesitant to snap up his television role in the PG Tips advert.

Johnny hasn’t only appeared in the odd advert, in fact, his roles around television included playing a drug dealer (Moz) in the BBC dark comedy Ideal, Geoff Maltby in the ITV’s Benidorm, and Eric Agnew in Still Open All Hours – a notably talented guy!

Since then Johnny has appeared on multiple successful comedy-panel shows and is a regular on the quiz show QI. He has starred in an impressive 12 episodes since 2019!

He has also appeared as a team captain and guest panellist in several episodes of Channel 4’s 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown.

Who is Bev Dixon to Johnny Vegas: Celebrity Gogglebox 2020

Bev and Johnny’s cracking one-liners on Celebrity Gogglebox have made viewers instantly love the pair and are interested in knowing more!

Although, some fans have been left unclear as to who the ‘mystery woman’ on their screens is and how she is in relation to Johnny Vegas.

Many have been quick to address dating rumours and on-screen chemistry but we can shut that down immediately.

Bev has been Johnny’s best friend for ages and the show addresses that right from the start calling them ‘best friends’.

One thing you might not have been aware of is that Bev is actually Johnny’s personal assistant

This makes it easier to understand how the pair get on and know each other so well!

Who is Bev Dixon: Get to know her!

Bev Dixon and Mr Vegas are bringing the St Helens to the televisions among Britain! The pair are set to critique the week’s drama of what’s been on the telly straight from Johnny’s sofa in St Helens, Lancashire.

Gogglebox announced that the pair were filming in Liverpool and not St Helens which had the duo ‘miffed’.

Johnny was quick to announce the correct location of filming which proves that they are both certainly proud of their shared hometown.

What was filming Gogglebox over lockdown like?

When Johnny was asked about filming this show during the pandemic he said:

“It’s good fun but a bit weird to be honest having a film crew in your lounge videoing you at a distance watching the telly, but then again it’s no stranger than being back in work and Bev is in her element, everyone has been lovely to her and she loves this kind of TV anyway so she’s loving it.”

They both seem extremely happy to be apart of the show – especially Bev who is loving it!

Buy Johnny Vegas’ designed face mask for charity now!

Johnny Vegas is pretty well known for his extraordinary passion for his work for charity.

This year he has designed a face mask for adults and children to raise money for Great Ormond Street Children’s hospital.

You can buy one of the limited edition face masks here.