Queer Eye is back, and we couldn’t be happier to have the Fab Five back in our lives again. But as we binge-watch the Queer Eye team transform the lives of others; we can’t help but want to have a little nosey at their personal lives. In particular, the very private life of Bobby Berk and his husband, Dewey Do.

Bobby Berk is the interior design expert on Netflix show Queer Eye and he has designed some utterly amazing spaces during his time on the show. He has also helped transform the lives of some incredible people this year, including Kevin Abernathy right before his daughters wedding! Yes, we know he’s incredible at what he does, but what about his life outside of the show? Well, if you’re a fan of Netflix Queer Eye, you may have heard Bobby mention his husband Dewey Do before – but who is he?

We’re dying to know more about the Queer Eye host Bobby Berk’s Vietnamese husband and their life together. Where do they live? How long have they been together? We have so many questions to answer.

So, let’s take a look at what we know about Bobby Berk and Dewey Do – and have a little look at their Instagram photos!

Who is Dewey Do?

Dewey Do is Bobby Berk’s husband, and whilst Bobby’s life is very much in the spotlight, Dewey is a much more private person.

In fact, Dewey is private on all of his social media accounts, but those of us who follow Bobby Berk will know that Dewey is seen on his husband’s Instagram feed from time to time.


Bobby did recently reveal that his husband is a maxillofacial surgeon. The couple are frequently seen visiting other countries together on Bobby’s Instagram and so we might guess that Dewey has his own private practice – but that has never been confirmed.

What do we know about Bobby Berk and Dewey Do?

Bobby Berk and his husband Dewey Do have been married for just over 8 years, but according to Bobby’s Instagram post they’ve been together much longer. In fact, they’ve been together around 14 years!

Looking at the Queer Eye star’s Instagram, we know that the couple live together in LA, well, at least they do when Bobby isn’t jetting places for his interior design career! Bobby actually revealed that the couple moved from their home in New York to LA only three months before he started filming for Queer Eye – talk about a busy year!

The couple spend a lot of time travelling together. Bobby frequently shares amazing photos of their time away together on social media. The key to their long-term relationship must be a happy balance of privacy and quality time together – and it certainly looks to be working!

Bobby Berk and Dewey Do marriage – what do we know?

Well, we know that Bobby Berk and his husband Dewey have been married for just over 8 years, but the details? Unfortunately, we don’t know much.

Bobby Burke shared a bit of information about their wedding on social media. We know that Bobby and Dewey got married as soon as it was legal for them to do so, and it was of course a very private ceremony.

Bobby did share a picture of their wedding day on Instagram last month in support of the LGBTQ community. It was a beautiful and inspiring message to all those struggling for acceptance in conservative communities world-over.

If you want to know more about Bobby Berk and Dewey Do, you can join Bobby’s 2.7 million followers on Instagram!