90 Day Fiancé, the programme that shouldn’t be so good but really really is! We love to watch people’s relationships undergo the ultimate test, moving across the world for each other. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is just the same as the original 90 Day’s, however, it’s the American’s who move overseas this time. Of course, there’s just as much (if not even more) drama! And Season 2 couple Brittany and Yazan are the definitions of drama. The couple definitely made an impact on the second season of the show. Who can forget the argument with Yazan’s mother? Despite all of this, are Brittany and Yazan still together? 

If their relationship could survive everything they’ve been through, then we have faith we can get through anything!

Brittany and Yazan still together

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90 Day Fiancé: Who are Britanny and Yazan?

Brittany and Yazan are a couple from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 2. Brittany, a 27-year-old aspiring rapper is from Florida and Yazan is 24 years old from Jordan. The couple met through Yazan’s cousin and Brittany had the plan to move to Jordan to be with Yazan. Fans were shocked when Britanny told her dad she was planning to move just before she was leaving! Her dad wasn’t best pleased either. 

Brittany came to Jordan to visit Yazan which didn’t get off to a good start. As soon as they left the airport, the fighting began when Yazan found a bottle of alcohol hidden in Brittany’s bag. But the problems did not stop there. One stand out scene of the programme was when Yazan’s mum screamed at Britanny saying she doesn’t respect her son, which ended with Britanny storming out the house in tears. We definitely felt for her there!

But even then, Yazan or his family didn’t know the biggest secret Britanny was hiding. That she was still married to her ex!

But what’s happened with the couple since the cameras stopped rolling?

Are Britanny and Yazan Still Together?

They’ve definitely been through the trenches and back together! But did their relationship survive all the hurdles?

So the answer to this one is, we’re not entirely sure if Brittany and Yazan are still together. Since filming ended there have been a lot of hints that the couple has gone their separate ways. However, of recent, there may be new evidence that they could have sorted things out.

Earlier in the Summer, the couple appeared to do what all modern-day couples do when they break up. Indirect each other on Instagram stories. Britanny even claimed Yazan had cheated on her, to which she later claimed wasn’t true and she was hacked. But the Instagram drama was not over there.

A few weeks ago, it seemed as if Britanny may have moved on with fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Usman aka SojaBoy. SojaBoy featured on 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 where he married 52-year-old American, Lisa. The pair even got married whilst Lisa was in Nigeria but unfortunately, that didn’t work out and Usman is still in Nigeria.

But according to an Instagram post, it seems like he’s moved on from Lisa with no other than Britanny! The singer posted a video of Brittany along with the caption: ‘If loving me is a crime den jail me for life’. However, there has been no evidence on this relationship from Brittany’s side. Who knows, maybe he just wants to collab!


However, Britanny recently posted a video of her and Yazan kissing on the show with the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ in the caption, insinuating they may be trying to make the relationship work.



There is no evidence on Yazan’s profile if the two are back together or not but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out! 

Where Are Brittany and Yazan Now?

So, we’re not entirely sure about their relationship status at the moment but we know of their whereabouts. Has Britanny gone back to Jordan to visit Yazan?

According to their Instagram pages, Brittany is still in the US and Yazan is still in Jordan, obviously due to the current situation, even if they are still together it would be hard for them to see each other. But we do know Britanny has definitely not moved to Jordan.

We’re sure there’ll be more dramatic updates to report soon!

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is available to download on Sky.