Who is AJ Love Island 2021

Andrea Jane Bunker, also known as AJ, is one of the newest arrivals to the villa. She is from Hertfordshire and is looking for love. She joined the villa after the boys won the challenge in the hen and stag do challenge. With her eyes set on three boys, Teddy, Liam and Hugo, when entering. AJ is keen to find love and thinks the Love Island villa is the perfect place to find it. So who is AJ? What did she do for a job before entering the villa, how old is she, and what’s her Instagram?

Who is AJ love island


How old is AJ?

The latest bombshell to enter the villa, AJ Bunker, is 28 years old. When fans found this out, they were shocked to find out AJ’s age. Making her the current oldest participant after Rachel was dumped from the island. Rachel is 29, making her the oldest participant ever at the time of being on the show. When AJ entered the villa, the boys were starstruck by her beauty. With many people who watched the show in awe of her glamour.

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What did AJ do before love island?

Before Love Island, AJ was a hair extension technician who loves to travel the world. With her Instagram always boasting her gorgeous long hair somewhere in the world, it’s no wonder she was cast for the show. Her Instagram features pictures from Morocco, Mexico and Spain in more recent years. With her goal to travel some more, she is looking for a male companion to take along for the ride. AJ is on the lookout for a long term relationship.

Who is AJ?

Instagram @andreajanebunker

Upon entering the villa, AJ announced that she is looking for a boy to make it long term, and despite having the hots for Teddy, she gravitated towards Hugo and Liam. Unfortunately for AJ, Liam was already coupled up with Millie, and he confirmed that he is content in this couple. In between settling in and getting to know the other islanders, AJ formed a connection with teacher Hugo.

Hugo also confirms he wants a long term relationship and is looking for similar things to AJ, so watch this space.

AJ on friendships in the villa

AJ stated that before entering the villa, she is very much a girls girl and reckons she will get on well with Liberty and Kaz. As well as seeking out a relationship, it seems like friendship is important to AJ, along with the girl code. After all, she had her pick of all of the boys in her first recoupling and shocked everyone with her choice.


What are AJ’s social media handles?

If you’re looking to find AJ on social media, you can find her Instagram over at @andreajanebunker, where her friends and family can currently be found running the account on her behalf.

She also has a Twitter account which you can find here.


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