Love Island has some recruits on the way, looking for their chance at finding love. This includes Abigial Rawlings, from Beaconside, looking for the one and not just a good time.  Fans of the show advise there are similarities in the looks department between her and AJ, who is currently in the villa. However, it seems like, unlike AJ, Abigail has the hots for Toby, who is now paired up with Chloe. Fans think the pair could get a bit catty with the pair if Abigail follows her heart.

With so much excitement on the table, fans want to know who is Abigail Rawlings and what can we expect from her when she arrives in the villa?

Who is Abigail Rawlings

Instagram Screengrab |@abigaillouiserawlings

Who is Abigail Rawlings?

Abigail Rawlings is a 27-year-old originally from Beaconside. However, she now lives by the sea in Bournemouth. Previously Abigail was a professional gymnast and has lots of moves up her sleeve.

What does Abigail do for a job?

Abigail is a tattoo artist who tattoos under Abigail Louse. The 27-year-old has a large following on her tattoo page and a range of skills to match with gorgeous mandalas and dot work filling the feed of her Instagram. You can expect to see some seriously cool tattoos on her page. Tattooing since the age of 18 when she dropped out of uni, she has a lot of experience in her field. However, she will be putting the tattoo gun down and heading off to Love Island instead this summer.

Abigail works at Black Lodge Tattoo Studio in Bournemouth with lots of other super talented artists. She also has a variety of wonderful tattoos assumingly done by one of her fellow studio artists. Expect the one of her boy Zeus, which she did on her own ankle!

Fun fact: She has tattooed Ashley Walters from Top Boy! 

Abigail Rawlings tattoo

Instagram Screengrab |@abigaillouiserawlings

What does Abigail Rawlings want from the villa?

Abigail is keen to make friends during her time in the villa, as she advises she loves to make friends and connections with people all over the world. The tattoo artist advises she thinks she could be good friends with Liberty, Kaz and Faye (the original 3 girls.) As well as looking for a boyfriend  ‘100%’. When speaking to ITV, she confirmed that she wants to steal Toby from Chloe at the first chance she has. But if that doesn’t work, she’s also keen on Teddy and Aaron.

Although Abigail advises she isn’t going to cause drama, she says it is likely to happen anyway, given the fact she will be stealing someone’s love match. Plus, if she goes after Teddy, it’s unlikely Faye will be looking to be friends.

However, fans have speculated that Jake, who has been paired up with Liberty since the start, might have his head turned due to her love of tattoos.


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What’s Abigail’s Instagram?

Abigail has two Instagram profiles, one for her tattooing and the other to showcase her glamourous fashion, travels and adorable dog, Zeus.

You can find her over at @abigaillouisetattoo for all things tattoos and @abigaillouiserawlings for her personal account.