Aaron Francis is known for living where he regularly meets celebrities. Due to his job as a luxury events host, he comes with a portfolio of celebrity clients and even royals. With such an exciting job, it’s no wonder the 24-year-old has connections with quite a few famous faces, including Stormzy. Aaron also has a famous relative, which most fans of the show will recognise. So in the luxury events, host friends with Stormzy and who is his famous relative? Keep reading to find out.

Screengrab | Aaron Francis

Are Aaron Francis and Stormzy Friends?

Due to his career, fans of the show decided to search the stars Instagram to see what they could find about his past. They weren’t disappointed with what they found, even noticing Aaron in the background of a video of Stormzy and Billie Eilish. Although it is yet to be confirmed whether Aaron Francis and Stormzy are friends, he is likely just at the event as a host instead of a friend.


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Aaron Francis Job

Despite working in luxury events, Aaron advises that he isn’t interested in famous people unless they’re Beyonce. Heart.co.uk advises that the star enjoys his job. However, he ultimately wants to settle down, and the job he’s in won’t pay well enough unless he’s perfect.

Who is Aaron Francis related to?

It is also confirmed that the 24-year-old is actually related to another reality tv star. Who happens to be none other than Made In Chelsea’s Hugo Taylor. The pair who are cousins aren’t close. However, Aaron says seeing his cousin in the limelight has provided him with exposure for his own reality tv journey.

Although Aaron has worked alongside celebrities for several years, the 24-year-old will still allow himself to fade into the background, being quietly confident.