90 Day Fiance stars are often making headlines, as we know from Darcey Silva! But this time, it is 90 Day Fiance Ariela’s scars on her arms that have become the focus of fans attention.

Fans of the show are following the journey of Ariela and Biniyam, as they navigate their long term relationship between Ethiopia and the US – alongside preparing for the arrival of their baby!

The couple haven’t had an easy ride so far – even by normal 90 Day Fiance standards! In fact, viewers have been feeling sorry for Ariela as she struggles to make huge decisions over the future of her relationship and their child.

Recently though, fans of the show are expressing concern over scars on Ariela’s arms.

During several episodes of the show, comments have been popping up on Twitter and Reddit, with viewers asking whether anyone else has noticed these distinctive marks?

So what are 90 Day Fiance Ariela’s scars on arms?

90 Day Fiance Ariela – what do we know?

Ariela, the 28-year-old 90 Day Fiance star is quite a private person, and has only been active on Instagram since 2018. Ariela doesn’t reveal a lot about herself, but occasionally shares details about her life on 90 Day Fiance.

So, what do we know?

Well, we know Ariela is a freelance writer from Princeton, New Jersey. Additionally, we know she loves to travel and explore new places. In fact, before appearing on 90 Day Fiance, Ariela travelled to a lot of amazing places, as we can see on her Instagram!

The freelance writer also shared on the show that she is already divorced. Ariela married an Argentinian man name Leandro, who she met whilst living in Argentina in her late teens. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out between the couple and they divorced ten years later.

During 90 Day Fiance, we meet all of Ariela’s family, including her brother and sister. But Ariela appears to be closest to her mum, and we see her travelling with her on episodes of 90 Day Fiance.

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I love that the episode featured this pic of my mom and I traveling together through Argentina! The adventure of a lifetime. We rented a car in La Plata and drove north. We visited Paraguay, and Brazil, and then circled back through other northern provinces and back to Buenos Aires. Me encanta que el episodio haya incluido a mi mama y yo viajando juntas por Argentina! La aventura de toda una vida. Alquilamos un auto en La Plata y manejamos hasta el norte. Visitamos a Paraguay y Brazil y despues volvimos a Argentina viajando por otras provincias del norte y de vuelta a Baires. #mymother #mimadre #ilovemymom #adventure #adventura #viajera #traveler #argentina #buenosaires #roadtrip #travel #instatravel #realitytv #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway @tlc @90dayfiance

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During the show, we also meet Ariela’s father, who shows disapproval over the relationship she has with Biniyam. Naturally, her father also has concerns about her relocation to Africa, and how his daughter will cope over there.

In fact, Ariela herself has been sharing her worries about moving to Ethiopia, and we see her discussing the birth with doctors in Ethiopia, and learning more about the healthcare system in the country.

It was also during these recent episodes that fans noticed 90 Day Fiance Ariela’s scars on arms.

So, do we know what caused them?

Ariela’s scars on arms – what are they?

Ariela has never disclosed what caused the scars, but fans online have speculated that they may be from self-harm.

In recent episodes, Ariela has suffered from panic attacks. In fact, Ariela’s Mum revealed that she has struggled with these episodes before.

Ariela has also shared posts on her Instagram relating to anxiety, a mental health condition that can be extremely difficult to live with.

Whether Ariela suffers from anxiety has never been made public. Of course, we do know the reality TV star is obviously working through some difficult decisions. With her relationship with Biniyam and the arrival of a new baby, the 28-year-old certainly has a lot on her plate.

As for the couple, they have certainly got full support of 90 Day Fiance fans out there. We certainly hope it all works out for Ariela and Biniyam – this seasons favourite couple!

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